Family homeless

A fire over the weekend has left a family of five homeless. No one was injured in the blaze.

Clothing for three children in the Man area is needed following a fire this weekend that destroyed their home.

GREENVILLE — A weekend fire has left a family of five homeless in the Man area

Bill and Melisa Stevens’ single wide mobile home was destroyed by fire over the weekend. Mr. Stevens, the only one home at the time of the blaze, was cooking and fell asleep on the couch. Smoke from the fire awoke him and he was able to escape the fire with no injuries.

The couple had no insurance on the trailer.

The loss has left the couple, along with their three children, homeless and in need of clothes. The grandmother said the biggest need is socks and underwear.

If anyone would like to contribute clothing to the family, below is a list of sizes:

— Corey, age 10, wears size 32 in waist and men’s medium short pants and size 9 in men’s shoes.

— Billie, age 6, wears size 12-14 in top and bottoms with a size 6 women’s shoe.

— Lilly, age 5, wears a size 7-8 in top and bottoms and a size 13 in children’s shoes.

— Mr. Stevens wears pants, 40 waist, 32 length, 3x shirts and size 12 in shoes

— Mrs. Stevens wears pants and short jeans in a size 28, 2x tops and size 10 in a shoe.

It was Lilly’s fifth birthday Saturday and she received a Barbie Townhouse and Barbie doll. The family was able to save the gifts from the fire, but due to the construction of the cardboard townhouse, it was destroyed by water.

The family is currently staying with Mr. Stevens’ mother, Sara. If anybody would contribute to the family in any way, they can call 304-583-5178.

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