Logan County man arrested after allegedly stabbing a dog

By Owen Wells - [email protected]


LOGAN — A Holden, W.Va. resident was arrested recently after he allegedly trapped and killed a dog Nov. 3.

Senior Trooper M.A. Broadwater, with the West Virginia State Police, reports he responded to a call to the Coolidge Avenue area of Holden in reference to Michael Lloyd Chafin, 66, of Holden, allegedly killing a stray dog.

Upon his arrival on the scene, Broadwater reportedly discovered a live animal trap beside of the defendant’s residence.

The trap was reportedly placed there by the pound in order to catch stray dogs.

Broadwater reports he found blood in and around the trap as well as evidence someone had tried to remove the blood.

Upon making contact with the defendant, Broadwater reports Chafin admitted to killing the dog while it was inside the trap.

Chafin allegedly stated the dog had been a nuisance in the neighborhood and it had killed his cat.

Chafin reportedly stated to Broadwater the dog was a large Rottweiler mix that weighed around 50 pounds.

The criminal complaint filed by Broadwater states, “The defendant stated he had stabbed the dog with a knife and then discarded the dog on a nearby creek bank.”

On Nov. 5, Broadwater reports he was contacted by the owner of the dog who allegedly stated they had found their one year old Dachshund weighing around 10 pounds near the trap.

The slain dog’s owner reportedly provided Broadwater with photographs showing the dog with what appeared to be a stab wound in the abdomen.

The dog’s owner reportedly stated the dog had been missing since Nov. 3.

The criminal complaint explains, “[Broadwater] believes that the one year old Dachshund was killed by the defendant.”

Chafin is charged with a felony count of animal cruelty.

If he is found guilty, Chafin could be forced to spend between one and five years in a state correctional facility and pay between $1,000 and $5,000 in fines.

Bond was set to $3,500 in Logan County Magistrate Court.

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All information was obtained by use of criminal complaints which are public record. A criminal complaint is merely an accusation and those named should be considered innocent until proven guilty.


By Owen Wells

[email protected]

Owen Wells is a reporter for Civitas Media. He can be reached at 304-752-6950 ext. 1729 or by email at [email protected]

Owen Wells is a reporter for Civitas Media. He can be reached at 304-752-6950 ext. 1729 or by email at [email protected]


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