Fracas at Cinema 8

LOGAN — In the modern age of social media, communication travels fast, and during the morning of June 17, residents of Logan County were exposed to an example of the speed at which modern communication can travel as many Facebook feeds around the county were inundated with posts concerning an incident at the Cinema 8 Theater at Fountain Place involving movies, candy and manners.

The post that began the fracas was posted by Logan resident Dave Justice; it states, “Before I go and see “Jurassic World”, I’d like to give a big shout out to Dollar Tree for selling the same snacks as Cinema 8 does for $1. Thanks, Dollar Tree, for making going to the movies affordable again. Now, I don’t have to take out a loan through Chase just to go see this movie.”

A reply to Justice posted by the owner of the Cinema 8 theater, Diana Barnette said, “The money for the tickets goes to the studios, the concession sales is what pays the expenses of the theater. Including my employees salaries. Shame on you!”

In an interview conducted with Justice, he stated, “It [the post] was made completely in satire and wasn’t serious by any stretch of the imagination. I never even mention actually sneaking anything into the theater. My girlfriend and I get ready and we go to the theater and we bought our tickets. We actually bought concession there. We actually have a receipt….We…watch the movie and everything’s fine.”

On his way out of the theater, Justice was approached by Barnette and asked not to come back to the theater. Justice was also given a notice of banishment that listed the reason for his exile from the theater as, “Social media comment derogatory to business.”

From there, Justice posted pictures of the notice given to him by Barnette and sent out several other posts concerning the issue. As posts concerning the incident made their way through social media, a trend of people mentioning the incident started to catch on. Misty Noel posted, “My news feed today: 1. The Cavaliers lost, but LeBron is still “the king” 2. Dave Justice got banned from movie theater and everyone in Logan is loosing their minds. 3. Apparently Donald Trump wants to be president and that makes every one happy.”

In an interview conducted with Barnette, however, she colors the incident in a different shade stating, “I was alerted to a Facebook post that Mr. Justice had posted to his Facebook page about sneaking in snacks to the theater and advocating for people to do the same. As I read further down on his page, there was another post. It had abusive, sexist language toward an employee of mine, and his last comment on that post was ‘I have nothing to lose. See you at seven.’ So, it made me quite angry that he felt he could talk like that about an employee of mine. So, I went up there and asked him to never come back. I was polite, and it wasn’t about the candy. It wasn’t about freedom of speech. It was about his abusive sexist language toward an employee of mine. I will stand behind my employees and take up for them everyday.”

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