PIECES and Arts team up against tobacco

LOGAN — The PIECES organization is proud to have sponsored a performance of Big Fish the Musical to reach a broad audience with its anti tobacco, drug, and alcohol campaign. PIECES stands for Pride In Every Community Equals Success. The organization’s mission is to educate and create awareness of substance abuse issues with the goal of having a healthier, prosperous, drug-free community.

“We are specifically targeting the youth of Logan County in our awareness campaigns, such as this sponsorship of the ARTS production of Big Fish,” Jeremy Farley, Director of PIECES, said. “It is our goal to educate kids about the dangers of tobacco, alcohol, and drug use, specifically underage tobacco use because it is illegal and serves as a gateway drug. Tobacco possession is one of the most common reasons why teens end up in trouble at school and in the court system. Trouble at school is often an indicator of issues a teen might face later in life: inability to graduate, find a good job, and be a productive citizen.”

The goal of PIECES is to work in the community to bring about positive change. Farley said it takes everyone working together and doing their part to have a thriving community, very analogous to putting on a production like Big Fish. That is why PIECES feels it is so important to partner with groups such as Southern Coalition for the ARTS.

“It is never a bad idea for organizations to partner – to share ideas and resources. In fact, that is the best thing that can happen in Logan County,” Farley said. “We all live here and we want to be good neighbors and friends.”

“We were excited to hear that PIECES wanted to partner up and sponsor our final performance of Big Fish,” Jamie Dempsey Butcher, Managing Director of Southern Coalition for the ARTS said. “This is how a community can exist at its best — when caring people and organizations can work together to make it a better place.”

Both groups considerd the partnership a success.

“Every person who entered this door received a large red sticker with the PIECES campaign on it. I acknowledged PIECES as the sponsor and explained the campaign and where the audience members could receive more information, and they also had additional information provided in the program,” Butcher said.

Farley said that PIECES recognizes the important role Southern Coalition for the ARTS plays in our community.

“We have seen a resurgence of energy in downtown Logan, which is great. We have seen both, young and old, coming out to their shows. This is great for our long-term success in Logan County and the ARTS is responsible in large part for this resurgence,” Farley said.

PIECES has partnered with several organizations and is known to support activities such as athletics and academics but now they have added artistic activities as well.

“We believe in a well-rounded community where every kid has an opportunity to participate and be productive. We need all sorts of skill sets to have a prosperous community.” Farley said.

Now that the sponsorship has ended, Farley assured that PIECES will continue to be at work in the community.

“We will continue supporting our youth and encouraging parents and family members to stay involved in their children’s lives because prevention really starts at home,” Farley said. “And we will continue to encourage our community members to come together and be more proactive.”

Butcher assured that Southern Coalition for the ARTS will also be busy helping revitalize the community.

“We have two more shows left in our 2015 Season: The Addams Family in October and Sanders Family Christmas (Smoke on the Mountain) in December,” Butcher said.

All of the ARTS productions are performed at the Coalfield Jamboree Theatre in downtown Logan. For more information on the PIECES campaign visit their facebook page or call 304-792-8690. For more information on upcoming ARTS productions visit their facebook page at facebook.com/theARTSwv or call 304-785-0547.

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