Man charged with operating Meth lab

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CHAPMANVILLE, W.Va. — The Chapmanville Police Department recently arrested a Big Creek man for operating clandestine meth lab.

According to the criminal complaint, on January 26 Corporal Lee Preece Jr. and Officer Barry Mynes, discovered multiple items used for making meth and what they believed to be the finished product of meth at Cincinnati Alley in Chapmanville.

Along with the items found in a bedroom of the apartment, officers also located Charles Lee Epling, 34, of Big Creek.

While at the Chapmanville City Police Department, Epling was mirandized and did reportedly admit to obtaining Meth making materials, and to attempting to operate a Meth lab.

Epling’s bond was set at $10,000.

• In an unrelated case, a suspect was arrested and charged with breaking and entering at the Colonial Room on Mingo Highway.

The criminal complaint filed by J. N. Sheppard, with the Logan County Sheriffs Department (LCSD), reports Sheppard responded to the location on Jan. 18 where he noticed the back door and the door leading to the poker room were busted.

A safe located in the room was reportedly missing.

The complaint states that there was more than $18,000, vehicle titles, keys, remotes (replacement value at $1,000) and check books stored in the safe. The complaint also lists three bottles of alcohol were missing.

On Jan. 20, the video from the poker machine room was reportedly reviewed by several Colonial Room employees, along with Capt. Dennis Brown, of the LCSD.

The employees where reportedly able to identify the intruder as Cletieth Collins, 56, of Davin, W.Va.

Collins has been charged with grand larceny, breaking and entering and destruction of property.

His bond was set at $7,500.

——— Criminal complaints are public information. Charges listed in a complaint are merely accusations; defendants are presumed innocent until proven guilty.


Martha Sparks

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