On Jan. 21, The Logan Banner featured an article concerning Chad Preston being sworn-in as a member of the Logan County Board of Education (LCBOE).

In coverage of the meeting that followed Preston’s swearing-in ceremony, a dialogue between LBCOE board member Phyllis Adkins and LCBOE head of personnel Elizabeth Thompson was discussed.

The article stated, “The LCBOE also took steps to make changes to a class taught at the Ralph R. Willis Career and Technical Center (RRW). The board abolished the school’s masonry program and absorbed the students and teacher into a general building construction course. There was a question posed by LCBOE member Phyllis Adkins as to why the job for the general building construction teacher was not publicly posted. Elizabeth Thompson, personnel director for the LCBOE, stated the masonry teacher had previously been approved by the state to teach general building construction. Effectively, Thompson explained, the masonry class was changed to general building construction and the job to teach the new class did not need to be posted as an educator able to teach the class was in place.”

After the article appeared in the paper, Thompson contacted the Logan Banner wishing to clarify her statements and the timeline of events surrounding the job posting.

Thompson explained the Oct. 2015 resignation of RRW carpentry teacher John Cain, who was arrested for allegedly having sexual contact with a student, left the carpentry students wihtout a teacher.

Thompson added the school’s masonry teacher had previoiusly been approved by the state to teach a course called general building construction which included both masonry and carpentry skills in its cirriculum.

With the state’s approbation, the students from Cain’s carpentry class were reportedly transfered to the masonry class until it was abolished at Jan. 28 LBCOE board meeting and replaced with general building construction.

Thompson explained the job was not initially posted because the LCBOE had 90 days to reclassify the masonry teacher as a general building construction teacher before publicly posting the position.

The position for was reportedly posted Jan. 7.

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