Logan Council chooses engineering firm

J.D. Charles - Contributing Writer

LOGAN, W.Va. — The City of Logan Council chose the firm of Summit Engineering for an upcoming Federal Emergency Management Agency repair project during Tuesday nights monthly meeting.

City Councilman Howard Jemerison said that of the 5 proposals the council members heard he was most impressed by two firms, one of which was Summit.

All of them were impressive noted Logan Mayor Serafino Nolletti. Summit was approved unanimously by the council members.

Initially the council received 10 responses from legal ads posted in the local and Charleston newspapers, which were narrowed down to five presentations made for council members, former mayor Tom Esposito explained. Esposito has been working with the city for some time on FEMA related projects in the wake of two major storms that caused disaster all over the city.

Esposito discussed two major projects the town is undertaking with assistance from FEMA.

He said the repairs to the 2012 disaster on Pine Street and Wilson camp had the final bills submitted to FEMA for payment and that payment should be “no problem.” Esposito pointed out however that the city could not go forward on phase II of another project until those funds are received.

The March 2015 storm that caused damage to drain lines around the city is the next major project and approval has been granted for a project that would see the lines blown out with force and a camera inserted in them to inspect for damages.

Fire Chief Scott Beckett said the town had received some help from the Hatfield McCoy Regional Recreation Authority in regards to a drainage problem on Cole Street.

J.D. Charles

Contributing Writer

J.D. Charles is a freelance writer and a former reporter for The Logan Banner.

J.D. Charles is a freelance writer and a former reporter for The Logan Banner.


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