Whitman man charged with assualting officers


The Logan County Sheriff’s Department (LCSD) was recently called to a domestic disturbance in the Whitman area that escalated into a violent situation causing law enforcement to deploy several methods of non-lethal force to subdue a suspect.

On June 23, Corporal N.M. Booth and Corporal M.B. Carter with the LCSD received a dispatch to a domestic dispute in the Whitman area, and, upon arrival, Booth and Carter report they were met by a witness stating they had a received a call from a family member advising, Chase Butler, 23, of Whitman, was chasing his mother with a baseball bat demanding money.

Booth and Carter further report the witness advised, upon their arrival at the resdience, they saw Butler pointing a can of pepper spray at his mother. When Booth and Carter entered the residence, Butler reportedly fled to his bedroom and refused to cooperate with verbal commands. The criminal complaint filed by Booth says Butler was, “…being belligerent and screaming he wasn’t going with us….” While attempting to restrain Butler, Booth reports the defendant was able to grab a pair of handcuffs and throw them at Carter striking him in the chest.

With Butler still allegedly refusing to comply with Booth and Carter’s verbal commands, Carter reportedly used a one second burst of the chemical weapon, Vexor to bring him under control, but the spray reportedly did not have any effect on Butler. After the failed use of Vexor, Booth reports, “Corporal Carter used his taser twice in another attempt to bring the defendant under control.” Again, the less-than-lethal force seemingly had no affect on Butler as he was reportedly able to pull the barbs from the taser out before they could affect him. Another one second burst of Vexor was then applied to Butler that is reported to not have been effective.

Booth and Carter report Butler then stood and communicated to them that he would now comply. As Butler was exiting his bedroom, Booth reports he attempted to run through a back room slamming a door on Booth. Booth and Carter were then able to gain control of the suspect and the pair report they were able to place him in the police cruiser.

While en route to Logan Regional Medical Center, Butler reportedly became combative causing Carter to pull off of the road and administer another one second burst of Vexor.

Butler is charged with two counts of assaulting an officer, two counts of battery on an officer, domestic assault, domestic battery, fleeing on foot and obstruction. If Butler is found guilty on counts, he could be forced to spend up to 10.5 years in state correctional facility or pay up to $4,000 in fines or both.


Criminal complaints are public information. Charges listed in a complaint are merely accusations; defendants are presumed innocent until proven guilty.

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