BOE to move forward with auxiliary gym

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LOGAN, W.Va. — The Logan County Board of Education has announced that it will be approving an action item for core drilling during its regular meeting to be held Thursday, February 25, at the central office for Logan County Schools. The results will determine the best option for moving forward with plans to construct an auxiliary gymnasium for Chapmanville Regional High School.

On December 8, the BOE held a special meeting to hear from prospective architects about building an auxiliary gymnasium for CRHS in the event that the former Chapmanville High School gym would be demolished during construction of the new Chapmanville Elementary. It was during this meeting that board members learned the original location intended for the gymnasium is located on a former pond and currently contains drainage pipes for the high school. The BOE was approved for funding for the construction of the new elementary school, so options are being considered for the best alternative for an auxiliary gym.

Superintendent Phyllis Doty believes there has been confusion among community members about the project.

“Unfortunately, there has been a misunderstanding concerning the auxiliary gym, but I want everyone to know this project was never in danger. We are trying to brainstorm and come up with different options in case the planned site is not usable,” Doty said. “We will have a much better understanding of what our options are when we receive the results from core drilling. I know several community members were very concerned that Chapmanville would not have an auxiliary gym, but as far as I know, it was never the intention of the board to abandon this project.”

In response to Doty’s announcement, Chapmanville attorney Rob Kuenzel issued the following statement, “The entire Chapmanville community is pleased that the Logan County Board of Education has affirmed the commitment that was made to the School Building Authority. The auxiliary gym was taken out of the original high school plans with the promise of continued use of the old, auxiliary gym; then, to tear it down and not replace it would have been wrong. The auxiliary gym is used for basketball, volleyball, cheerleading, archery, buddy league and so many more activities. I think the commitment to the construction of an auxiliary gym shows that the board has sincerely considered the best interest of our area children. This commitment will be the legacy of the board for years to come. I sincerely want to thank Superintendent Doty and the Board for affirming the commitment to this project.”

On Monday, February 22, there will be a special BOE meeting at Chapmanville Regional High School to discuss curriculum for the new Chapmanville Elementary School. Doty says the gymnasium project will not be discussed that night, but the public is encouraged to attend to give input on helping design the curriculum for the new school.

“We want the public to be involved throughout the construction of Chapmanville Elementary, and we are hoping to gain input on what community members think the vision of instruction should be,” she said. “We will be having small group discussions and are hoping to receive a lot of positive ideas that will help us make this school a place where are students will learn and thrive.”

Staff Report


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