Paws Squad seeks fosters

The Paws Squad animal rescue group is currently looking for volunteers to act as foster parents for rescued animals.

The Paws Squad animal rescue group recently marked its second year of coming to the aid of local animals, and the group has no plans on slowing down.

“The Paws Squad is a no-kill rescue with adoption and foster programs made up of community volunteers dedicated to saving the lives of dogs and cats in jeopardy. Animals come from the Logan Pound and the Logan community. After rescuing, The Paws Squad ensures the animals are cared for both emotionally and physically by foster families prior to their rescue and/or adoption. Our goal is to rescue animals from the Logan pound who are bound for euthanasia,” Judy Workman, of the Paws Squad, explained.

The group is currently seeking out foster parents for pets who will be temporarily responsible for the care and welfare of animals who have been rescued by the group.

“Our biggest need is fosters. Without fosters its hard to pull an animal into safety, take care of it and get it ready for transport for adoption. Fostering is free to the person. All they do is provide a safe haven for the animal while waiting on a rescue,” Workman added.

The group pays for all expenses that would be incurred by an animal foster parent — vaccines, vetting, food and kennels are all provided to pets being cared for by animal foster parents. Anyone looking to become a Paws Squad foster parent can contact the Paws Squad via email at [email protected]

The Paws Squad is also active in fundraising. Currently the group is selling Rada Cutlery through their Facebook at and email. The group also has plans for a hot dog sale during July and will appear at the Arts and Crafts Festival.

The Paws Squad, however, does not in engage in door-to-door solicitation and encourages people who are solicited for funds at their door by someone claiming to represent the Paws Squad to contact the Logan County Sheriff’s Department.

In closing, Workman said, “People in this area should spay and neuter their animals. There are too many unwanted animals who are abandoned or taken to the pound.”

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