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HUNTINGTON, W.Va. — The Wildcats recently won a statewide competition at Marshall University.

Both of Logan High School’s journalism programs placed first on Saturday, March 19th at a competition held at the W. Page Pitt School of Journalism.

WLHS-TV (Logan High’s broadcasting class) won best broadcast and Wildcat News (Logan High’s newspaper class) won best online publication during United High School Media Day at Marshall. Both classes are taught by Bill France.

WLHS-TV consists Trevor Bowens, Autumn Stennett, Summer Jewell, Haley Caudill, Samson Woodruff, Chili Nichols and Brie Franklin.

Wildcat News is made up of Jarrett Adkins, Natasha Fowler, Rebecca Williams, Brandon Hill, Whitney Workman, Destiny Tomblin, Destiny Bowers, Jordan Brinegar, Mariah Collins, Brie Franklin, Sarah Cole and Jesse Trey Jude.

Students participated in multiple workshops for newspaper, advertising, public relations, photography, media law, sports programming and broadcasting. The workshops were led by university professors, student assistants and local media members.

“This day is all about giving students an opportunity to come to Marshall and see the school of journalism directly,” said Jessica Ross, graduate assistant at Marshall University and event organizer. “They also have the opportunity to interact with journalism professors and students as well as get real life experience as if they were college students.”

During workshop students were able to meet with professional journalists and learn about specific fields of journalism.

Students participate in a roundtable Q&A where they asked a variety of questions including what it was like to interview politicians as well what to expect from their first year of college.

At the end of the workshop students were asked to write down their expectations going into the event as well as what they had learned.

Brie-Eyre Franklin of Logan High wrote, “My expectations for my first session were definitely met. I expected to be inspired and feel more comfortable at talking to people. Not only did I learn to not be ashamed, but I learned that even if I do not want journalism as a career, it can still be beneficial to me for any other career.”

The event was hosted by the Marshall University College of Arts and Media and sponsored by Jostens.V placed first for best Photo

Staff Report


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