West Logan discusses budget and finances

J.D. Charles - Contributing Writer

WEST LOGAN, W.Va. – The town of West Logan discussed their annual budget and other fiscal matters at an unusually brief meeting on April 11.

Town Clerk Mark Mareske noted that even though the town was ahead by about $3,000 for the fiscal year ending in June it took a big hit in March thanks to quarterly insurance premiums as well as a $630 repair bill for the police cruiser.

“So our finances are down for the month about $2,000,” Mareske said, noting it was “really nothing out of the ordinary.”

Mareske did note that tipping fees at the dump were up slightly as well for the previous month.

West Logan Police Chief Robert Ward said his agency had increased patrols after complaints about a possible prowler during the last big winter snowstorm. Ward noted his agency and other law enforcement agencies had an unusually busy month in West Logan thanks to an accident last month where a juvenile attempting to board a school bus was allegedly struck by a motorist, which was handled by another agency; and there were two calls for assistance on First and Second Avenues from residents who had gotten stranded after locking themselves out of an automobile and a home.

“I made one arrest on a juvenile subject for destruction of property and disorderly conduct,” Ward said, explaining that the teenager had allegedly gone on a rampage destroying some property belonging to a neighbor.

Ward had some good news — for many, many months the town has been requesting assistance from the state due to a wall slipping on Third Avenue.

“The Department of Highways recently inspected it and they marked it with chalk where they will apparently be making attempts to fix it,” Ward said. “There were several power poles in and around town that have been marked with pink ribbons for repairs as well.”

Ward noted that the phone lines at town hall are damaged and that the phone company was unable to locate the exact nature of the problem. The lines went out after a recent rain and wind storm.

At one point during the meeting a vehicle pulled up at town hall and when Ward and one of the councilmembers went to see if it was someone in need of assistance it turned out to be a parent stopping to let their child pick out a book from the Little Free Library posted outside town hall by the Lions Club of Logan.

“Well, that was a good surprise,” Ward said.

Mareske noted the town would have its meeting to lay the levy on Tuesday the 19th.

J.D. Charles

Contributing Writer

J.D. Charles is a freelance writer and a former reporter for The Logan Banner.

J.D. Charles is a freelance writer and a former reporter for The Logan Banner.

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