Man arrested for stealing cigarettes

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LOGAN, W.Va. — A Logan man has been charged with breaking into the Dollar General Store in Logan and stealing cigarettes.

According to a criminal complaint filed by Logan Police Officer J.M. Miller, he responded to the business after receiving reports of a breaking and entering on March 19. Upon arrival, Miller, along with Logan County Deputy R.L. Johnson, cleared the building and found no one inside. The front door glass had been busted in with a cinder block.

Other officers arrived on scene and the area was searched with K-9 but was unsuccessful in locating anyone.

Miller reports he contacted the store manager and who came and deactivated the alarm. Miller and the manager reviewed the store’s security cameras and reportedly saw a man had busted out the door and made entrance into the store. Once inside, he proceeded behind the counter and selected cigarettes. He then exited the store through the same door he had entered.

The man, identified as George David Staten, 50, reportedly did not have any type of mask on and was clearly identified by the manager. Miller reports the he also is familiar with Staten and was able to clearly identify him.

Staten was charged with breaking and entering other than dwelling. His bail was set at $5.000.


Criminal complaints are public information. Charges listed in a complaint are merely accusations; defendants are presumed innocent until proven guilty.


Staff report

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