Logan County Schools begin State testing

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LOGAN, W.Va. — Logan County Schools has begun end of the school year required State testing.

West Virginia State Policy states that the schools’ testing window is the last 25 days of instruction with five days for make-ups. Not all schools will take 25 days to test all their students; some will take less depending on how many computers are available and whether a school chooses to test mornings and afternoons or just mornings. Individual students will not be testing the whole 25 days. On the average, most students will test 3-4 days, except for Grades 4, 6, and 10, who have to test science and will test an additional day.

High schools will add an additional five days at the beginning of their window because of testing the 12th grade Career and College Readiness Assessment for those 12th grade students taking the English and/or Math Transition Classes.

The testing window will end May 27th with May 31-June 6, 2016 as make up days. Each school’s beginning testing dates are different based on the number of students and the number of computers each school has.

Dr. Martirano, State Superintendent of Schools, states that “all students are required to test. Students who refuse to participate in the assessment will be given meaningful, alternate academic assignments commensurate with the amount of rigor and time for the student who is engaged in testing. Such assignments would be completed during the same time other students are testing and would become part of the student’s grade.”

Logan High began testing on April 20; other Logan County School’s testing start dates are as follows: Man High – May 4; Chapmanville Reg. High – May 12; Logan Middle –May 3; Man Middle – May 4; East Chapmanville Elem – May 12; Omar Elem, Hugh Dingess Elem, and Chapmanville Middle – May 13; Holden Elem – May 16; Buffalo Elem, Verdunville Elem, and West Chapmanville Elem – May 17; Justice Elem, South Man Elem, and Man Elem – May 20; and Logan Elem – May 23

Results of the tests should be available right after school begins in August. 2016.

Questions should be addressed to Harless Cook, Director of Guidance and Testing at 304-792-2080.

Staff Report

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