W.Va. Tax Dept. requiring some taxpayers to verify identity

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CHARLESTON, W.VA. – Several thousand taxpayers soon will be receiving a letter from the West Virginia State Tax Department that will outline an extra identity verification step required for the processing of their state tax refund for 2015.

The letter is another tool in the agency’s fight against Personal Income Tax fraud. It will be mailed in batches, beginning with the first 500 that are being sent out this week. The letter details a brief verification process that should take less than one minute to complete online at the Tax Department’s website.

This extra verification step is mandatory for anyone who receives a letter. Taxpayers who do not have access to a computer will be directed to call a specific phone number for verification. Only taxpayers who receive a letter have to complete this extra step and receipt of this letter does not necessarily mean your personal information has been stolen. This process is strictly a precautionary measure by the State Tax Department.

“We anticipate that this extra step will be a minor inconvenience for most taxpayers,” Tax Commissioner Mark Matkovich said. “But for some taxpayers, who through this process may learn that their identity actually has been compromised, it will be critical. If you receive a letter, please complete the process online as soon as possible to help us expedite your refund.”

Matkovich encouraged all taxpayers to be vigilant about protecting their personal information and asked that they have patience with the agency’s employees as they continue working to combat Tax Refund Fraud and issue refunds to legitimate taxpayers as quickly as possible.

“We are taking the time necessary to scrutinize your returns and verify your identity and we need your help to do so. We are working every day to ensure that no one steals your hard-earned state tax refund. Neither our taxpayers nor our state can afford to give criminals money,” Matkovich said.

Staff Report


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