Price resigns as Chapmanville Mayor

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CHAPMANVILLE, W.Va. — During the Town of Chapmanville’s council meeting held Monday, May 9, Jerry Price Jr. announced his resignation from the office of Mayor.

Price was appointed mayor in 2006 following the resignation of then mayor Jason Freeman. Price has retained his position as mayor since then, with the latest reelection in June 2015.

According to the resignation letter presented Monday, Price states “With great sadness, I want to announce my resignation as the Mayor of Chapmanville. With a failing coal industry, I have had to look elsewhere for work. This work will not allow me to dedicate the time needed to perform the duties as mayor and I feel it is best for the town that I step aside.”

Price said he was laid off the last week of February, but has since found other employment.

“I used to get home at 5 or 6 o’clock and I could do things in the evenings,” Price said. “Now all I can do is make phone calls. I thought it wasn’t fair to the citizens so I decided to step aside and let someone with the time and opportunity to do it.”

During his terms as mayor, Price has been responsible for obtaining the first fields where local soccer teams could practice and for organizing the Town of Chapmanville Fish Fry Day. The fish fry day has been expanded to include all of Logan County. Price also notes the growth of the Apple Butter Festival in recent years.

“I feel we have propelled the Apple Butter Festival above and beyond what it has been in the past. I’m really proud of it,” Price said. “I’m really proud of the community for generating some excitement around the school and the children, with sports and the fireworks. The parades have grown under Sally (Stollings) and Miranda (Robinette) both. Both of them have done a great job in advancing the Apple Butter Festival and the Christmas parade.”

Price said the council will appoint someone to his unexpired term, which will end in 2019.

“They decided not to do anything last night and call the Secretary of State’s office to see what their recommendations are,” Price said. “Personally, I think they should hold an election because you’re talking about a little over three years. I’m not so sure that we shouldn’t let the people make that choice. When I got appointed, there was only about six months left on Jason’s term.”

In his letter, Price said “it was a pleasure to serve and I want to thank everyone for their commitment and dedication to make Chapmanville the greatest town I know.”


Martha Sparks

[email protected]

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