Bill gives cities new options in B&O tax collection

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Logan City Clerk Amber Miller-Viars and W.Va. Senator Craig Blair

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CHARLESTON, W.Va. — The WV Municipal League has announced that bill HB 4163 passed during the 2016 Legislative Session will assist municipalities in the collection of delinquent Business and Occupation taxes.

HB 4163 provides municipalities plenary power and authority to adopt an ordinance providing for the publication of delinquent business and occupation taxes; provides notice requirements; requires policies and procedures regarding the preparation, publication and posting of a delinquent business and occupation list; and allows for a reasonable charge to be added to the amount owed by a delinquent taxpayer to cover the costs of preparing, publishing and posting a delinquent list. The bill was passed on March 2nd and goes into effect ninety days from passage.

“Like the State, municipalities are seeing a significant downturn in tax collections with the energy market weighing in on their general revenues”, Lisa Dooley Executive Director of the WV Municipal League said. “In order to continue to provide services to our constituents it is imperative that we be given the tools to collect what is due to the city.”

Dooley also said the work of the Logan City Clerk paid off during the session. Amber Miller-Viars assisted the League in its lobbying effort and from her hard work the bill has been named by the League as “Amber’s Bill”.

The WV Municipal League represents all 234 municipalities in the State of West Virginia and has more than 2,500 elected and appointed members. City of Logan Mayor Serafino J. Nolletti has served as a board member for the Municipal League for five years and both Nolletti and Viars have been active in the League activities. The City of Logan hosted the first Municipal League board meeting in October of 2015 which showcased the Hatfield McCoy Trails, Logan County Airport, Chief Logan Convention Center and downtown businesses.

“I am very proud of our City Clerk for assisting the League in getting this very critical bill passed that will assist all cities in the State of West Virginia in collecting revenue to support their vital services,” said Mayor Nolletti. “She went above and beyond out of her scope of work to ensure this bill saw passage and she did it to help all cities.”

Viars was quick to give credit to the League and leaders on the State level when asked about the bill.

“It was an honor to have this opportunity to do this on behalf of the League. They are a true friend of all cities and give us tools to be more successful,” Viars said. “I have to credit Senator (Craig) Blair — as well as Senator Mark Maynard — who are members of the Government Organization Committee. I appreciate all of their leadership and look forward to working with them on more Municipal issues in the future.”

Logan City Clerk Amber Miller-Viars and W.Va. Senator Craig Blair City Clerk Amber Miller-Viars and W.Va. Senator Craig Blair Courtesy photo

Staff Report


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