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LOGAN, W.Va. — Following an military operation in the Town of Chapmanville this weekend, the WV National Guard has advised the Logan County Sheriff’s Office of the following:

“Ridge Runner is a military training exercise that provides a venue for the West Virginia National Guard (WVNG) to train with other National Guard and Reserves as well as their active duty counterparts in Irregular Warfare. These exercises take place in urban and rural locations throughout the state.

Ridge Runner exercises focus on Key Leader Engagements (meetings) but also include normal military maneuvers. Ridge Runner participants may be in military uniform, civilian attire, or a combination of both. All Ridge Runner participants will carry a Ridge Runner identification badge in addition to his or her military I.D.

The current exercise is being conducted in the vicinity of the new Logan County National Guard Armory, Holden, W.Va. It will also use the recently created airstrip known as Camp Branch. Camp Branch provides a training opportunity for the Army and Air Guard aviation in the area. Camp Branch will also provide maneuver space for the Army Armored Cavalry to train.

The support from the citizens of Logan County and all of the rest of the West Virginians is greatly appreciated and essential to the realism of Ridge Runner exercises. Through this partnership some economic gains could result for the region.”

The National Guard will be in and out of the Logan County area through next week doing their “Ridge Runner” training. The National Guard has advised Sheriff Sonya M. Dingess Porter that the Logan County Sheriff’s Office will be noticed in advance when the next training exercise will be occurring in Logan County so the public can be made aware.

Staff Report


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