HVFD releases social platforms

Staff Report

HENLAWSON, W.Va. — The Henlawson Fire Department has announced that they have officially released their social media platforms.

“We hope that this added feature to the fire department will allow us to stay in contact with the citizens and residents of our fire district,” Timothy Granger, assistant fire chief, said. “We will update the platforms as we can to notify everyone of traffic issues, weather issues, and newsworthy emergency events.”

To contact follow them on Facebook go to www.facebook.com/HenlawsonFireRescue and to follow them on Twitter go to www.twitter.com/henlawsonfire

“Also, as the 4th of July holiday approaches, we strongly urge everyone to celebrate with caution and safety in mind,” Granger said. “Keep children a safe distance away from any firework activity. Read all directions and celebrate with responsibility.”

Staff Report


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