SWVCTC Dean’s List, Williamson Campus

Southern West Virginia Community and Technical College is pleased to announce that the following students have been placed on the Dean’s List for the Spring 2016 semester. This honor recognizes achievement of a scholastic average of 3.25 or higher in at least twelve semester hours of academic work. A total of 360 are being recognized for this academic distinction.

Campus: Williamson Campus

Arledge, Brandon T. Pinsonfork, KY; Baisden, Kendra M. Fort Gay, WV; Barker, Mercy V. Red Jacket, WV; Belcher, Savannah T. Gilbert, WV; Bevins, Mary A. Belfry, KY; Bishop, Brittany F. McCarr, KY; Blackburn, Shane Hatfield, KY; Blankenship, Tommy Gene Williamson, WV; Blevins, Kaylee Belfry, KY; Breeding, Andrea L. Wharncliffe, WV; Bryant, Carli Dawn Justice, WV; Calhoun, Paul D. Belfry, KY; Carroll, Johnny L. Hatfield, KY; Carroll, Misty E. Hatfield, KY; Cassell, Joshua G. Delbarton, WV; Childers, Suzanne Gara Forest Hills, KY; Cline, Brian K. Gilbert, WV; Cline, Shawna A. Gilbert, WV; Coffin, Alberto Luis McCarr, KY; Collins, Tyler L. Chapmanville, WV; Cottle, Tiffany Matewan, WV; Curry, Sharon R. Crum, WV; Ellis, Clay M. Wharncliffe, WV; Evans, Australia L. Naugatuck, WV; Evans, Jamee L. Pinsonfork, KY; Fluty, Tiffany Dawn Warfield, KY; Fraley, Krista D. Dunlow, WV; Harmon, Stephanie Delbarton, WV; Harper, Alexandra E. Crum, WV; Hatfield, Chasity M. Ransom, KY; Hatfield, Hanna D. Lenore, WV; Johnson, Joshua L. Baisden, WV; Justice, Chase E. Baisden, WV; Justice, Mark T. Belfry, KY; Keene, Kayla D. Williamson, WV; Lester, Courtney Nicole Matewan, WV; Lester, Heather A. McVeigh, KY; Lowe, Tonya Maurice Williamson, WV; Mahon, Michael Matewan, WV; Maynard, Cierra McCarr, KY; McClanahan, Joshua Byron Delbarton, WV; McClanahan, Susan Kimberly Delbarton, WV; McCoy, Kaitlyn D. Inez, KY; McCoy, Michelle Renea Pilgram, KY; Meadows, Marissa Denae Williamson, WV; Messer, Dottie Jean Kermit, WV; Mills, Celeste N. Lenore, WV; Morris, Courtney D. Williamson, WV; Newsome, Katelyn M. Prichard, WV; Ooten, Victoria Layne Delbarton, WV; Pack, Timothy Delbarton, WV; Parsley, Sandra K. Williamson, WV; Preece, Kristy Delbarton, WV; Ray, Timothy Lee Delbarton, WV; Robertson, Bethany Williamson, WV; Robertson, Tommy J. Williamson, WV; Sammons, Maranda Ashley Chattaroy, WV; Slone, Timothy D. Kermit, WV; Smith, Nicholas G. Forest Hills, KY; Smith, Wendy L. Delbarton, WV; Sparks, Angela K. Williamson, WV; Stacy, Della M. Breeden, WV; Stacy, George J. Lovely, KY; Staton, Jacob R. Williamson, WV; Stevens, Goldia M. Williamson, WV; Stiltner, Brittany D. Matewan, WV; Strange, Jonathan C. Chapmanville, WV; Thaxton, David A. Williamson, WV; Thompson, Jessica Brooke Crum, WV; Tilley, Casey N. Kermit, WV; Tomblin, Colton W. Kermit, WV; Vinson, Megan B. Delbarton, WV; Wells, Elizabeth R. Belfry, KY; Williamson, Jessica Rena McVeigh, KY; Wolford, Tommy Dale Belfry, KY; Workman, Allen Ross Logan, WV; Workman, Tia LaShae North Spring, WV


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