Logan Mayor elected to position on WVML

J.D. Charles - Contributing Writer


LOGAN, W.Va. — Logan Mayor Serafino Nolletti has been elected to serve as the treasurer of the West Virginia Municipal League, the state agency that works with towns from one end of West Virginia to the other on common problems.

The current administration has been very active with the league for eight years now according to Logan City Clerk Amber Miller Viars, who explained to the council and people attending the Aug. 8 meeting that by attending League functions that mayors, clerks and council members can network and share ideas on how to address challenges that so many towns across the state face.

Viars said initially she and Mayor Nolletti felt like fish out of water when they attended league functions but over the years the city of Logan has taken on a leadership position with the league, including hosting their annual board meeting this past year.

“A lot has changed in eight years,” she said. Now we are hosting seminars and our mayor has been elected a board member.”

“When we first went, we did not know anyone there,” Mayor Nolletti said. “It has been a learning experience. Now people come to us for advice.”

Nolletti is the second Mayor in Logan to become a board member of the League. Longtime former Mayor Tom Esposito noted that by becoming Treasurer Nolletti has a place in the lineup of League officers and will eventually become its president for one term.

“The West Virginia Municipal League affects every agency in the state. It affects every person in the state,” Esposito explained. “It is an agency that touches everyone’s lives.”

Esposito said it was a great honor for Logan to have its mayor chosen as Treasurer noting that there were literally hundreds of applicants for the position.

“To be in the treasurer’s chair is a great honor,” Esposito said noting that the Treasurer will move his way up to Secretary then Vice President and President of the League.

“That is an awesome responsibility and a tremendous honor,” he added. “I went to those meetings for 16 years and let me tell you- people fought over those chairs!”

Logan Fire Chief Scott Beckett noted the League members were happy with their experiences in Logan at the recent board of directors meeting.

“The outgoing president- who was from Wheeling, had a wonderful time,” Beckett said.

The next meeting for the WVML will be in January in Charleston.


J.D. Charles

Contributing Writer

J.D. Charles is a freelance writer and a former reporter for The Logan Banner.

J.D. Charles is a freelance writer and a former reporter for The Logan Banner.


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