Logan Co. Schools releases 2016 Preliminary Test Data

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LOGAN, W.Va. — Logan County Schools’ students participated in the WV General Summative Assessment during Spring 2016. The assessment items aligned to the WV Next Generation Content Standards and Objectives.

The WV Department of Education has not released accountability data at this time. This preliminary data includes scores for all Logan County students in grades 3-11. The accountability data, when it is released, will not include students who were not enrolled in a school for at least 135 days, which is considered a full academic year.

Logan County’s high schools’ math proficiency scores showed an increase over the 2015 data. While Logan County’s high schools are recognized for improvement, scores are below the state average.

Across the district, English Language Arts (ELA) proficiency was 36 percent, Math proficiency was 20 percent, and Science proficiency was 27 percent. County scores increased in 14 of the 18 areas assessed. Increases were identified in the following categories: Math – grades 3, 4, 5, 6, 9, 10, and 11; English Language Arts (ELA) – grades 3, 4, 5, 6, 8, 9, and 11.

Elementary schools demonstrating improvement in all grade levels of Math and ELA: Buffalo, Man, Omar, and South Man. Schools showing improvement in all areas except one: Logan Elementary, Verdunville Elementary and Logan High. All elementary schools improved with the exception of East Chapmanville Elementary, which matched last year’s scores in all categories except dropping one percent in Math.

South Man Elementary holds the honor of the highest scores in Logan County: 3rd grade Math – 71 percent; 3rd grade ELA – 65 percent; 4th grade Math – 82 percent; and 4th grade ELA – 68 percent. Buffalo Elementary 4th grade students were the most improved in Math– 47 percent; Verdunville Elementary 3rd grade ELA scores increased by 26 percent, and Logan High School 11th grade students improved by 25 percent in ELA.

Students in elementary schools statewide spent more time working on the assessments than their secondary counterparts. Dr. Michael Martirano, WV State Superintendent of Schools, was quoted in The Charleston Gazette, “The numbers will improve if older students put more effort into taking the exams. In grade eleven, students spent only 196 minutes on the test versus the estimated time of 450 minutes for elementary students.”

Harless Cook, Director of Guidance and Testing for Logan County Schools, said, “Areas of focus for the Spring 2017 testing cycle will include encouraging students to take the assessments more seriously and spend more time completing their work.”

Should you have any questions relating to the WV General Summative Assessment, contact Mr. Cook at 304-792-2080 or email: [email protected]

Staff Report

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