Child neglect arrest

MAN — A Lorado resident was arrested July 8 on charges stemming from an incident in April 2015 where a small child was found seemingly unattended in a home on Buffalo Creek Road.

On April 3, 2015, Senior Trooper J.E. Garren with the West Virginia State Police (WVSP) reports he was in the Kistler area conducting an unrelated investigation where he placed a suspect in custody for possessing illegal narcotics. Garren further reports the suspect was parked at a residence on Buffalo Creek Road.

The criminal complaint filed by Garren states that he and Trooper M.J. Miller, with the WVSP, attempted to make contact with the people residing in home where the suspect was parked. While knocking on the door, Garren and Miller report they were able to see a small child playing inside the residence but there seemed to be no adult present in the home.

After knocking the door several times with no answer, Garren and Miller were reportedly able to get the small child to open the door where they discovered another juvenile later identified as the child’s stepmother standing just inside the doorway.

Garren and Miller report the juvenile stepmother’s eyes were bloodshot and glassy, and, as they tried to question her on why it took so long to answer the door, the stepmother was allegedly only able to mumble and speak incoherently. The stepmother was also allegedly unable to keep her balance and Garren reports he had to ask her to sit down.

The criminal complaint filed by Garren says, “After entering…to make sure there were no other adults or children in the residence, this officer observed a blue wooden box with a grinder on top, that this officer knows to be used with marijuana sitting on a night stand.” Inside the box, Garren reportedly found another grinder containing a small amount of marijuana. Garren also states he found a small metal container containing Diazepam, a schedule IV controlled substance.

Garren and Miller state they were also able to observe several rifles sitting on the floor leaning against the wall where they would easily accessible to the small child in the residence.

After a short time inside the residence, Garren and Miller report Allman Maynard, 25, of Lorado, arrived at the home. Maynard allegedly advised Garren and Miller that he and the juvenile stepmother were married and he had left his child in her care while he went to his grandparents. When asked about the condition of his wife, Maynard reportedly advised he knew the stepmother had previously smoked marijuana and synthetic marijuana.

On July 8, Maynard was arrested and charged with child neglect creating risk of injury, possession of a controlled substance and possession of marijuana. If Maynard is found guilty on all counts, he could be forced to spend between 2 and 6.5 years in state correctional facility and pay up to $12,000 in fines. Bond was set to $1,000. On July 8, Maynard was able to post bond and is free pending trial.

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Criminal complaints are public information. Charges listed in a complaint are merely accusations; defendants are presumed innocent until proven guilty.

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