Big changes coming to Mitchell Heights

J.D. Charles - Contributing Writer

MITCHELL HEIGHTS, W.Va. — Some major changes may be coming to the town of Mitchell Heights soon, in part thanks to the generosity of the Logan County Commission.

Mayor James “Cliff” Motes informed councilmembers on Monday, Oct. 3 that the Logan County Commission has offered to pay for two new heaters to be installed in the bottom level of Town Hall in the small community. Traditionally that area had been utilized for elections and at one time the bottom part of the structure was also used for council meetings.

“The heaters will be installed by the County Commission and it will be at no charge to our town,” Motes explained.

One councilmember mentioned that the porch leading to the second floor — where meetings have been held for the past few years — is in need of some upgrades and improvements and the Mayor discussed the good news of the Commission’s gift — as well as the proposal to move the council meetings back to the floor level. The mayor also noted that by moving the meetings downstairs it would also make the meetings themselves easier for people with mobility issues or physical handicaps to attend. Council members discussed getting tables and chairs for the move as well.

“We will look into this. Years ago, we met down there,” Mayor Motes said.

The council approved for Town Clerk Vicky Hale to get three bids on potential repairs and upgrades to the second floor porch from local vendors and authorized Mayor Motes to go ahead with the project, so long as the bids are in the affordable range.

In other Mitchell Heights news

• The mayor and council discussed the town’s building zone commission and a proposed project that could lead to a major change for the better in the town.

• Minutes from the September meeting were read and approved.

• One of the council members said he felt the town was getting left out in the cold by being late when state grants came around and asked for a planning meeting with the goal of getting more grants for Mitchell Heights.

• Town Clerk Vicky Hale noted that the town is a member of the West Virginia Municipal League and that the League has experts available to help towns with grant applications. She said it might be a good idea for council members to attend the next meeting of the league.

Mayor Cliff Motes said that the town’s leaders needed to focus on much needed projects in order to have better success in seeking grants.

Some of the applications can get very specific,” he said.

• Councilmember Terri Rodighiero said the town needed a list of projects that it could go after.

• Town Accountant Jeff Vallet discussed the town’s budget report. He noted that September had been a good month for the town in terms of property tax collection.

“Income wise, we are doing good,” said Vallet, who also does accounting work for the city of Logan and the towns of Man and Chapmanville. “The only extraordinary bill we had for the month was our dump bill.” Mayor Cliff Motes said “we will keep an eye on it,” noting that usually the bill was around $800 a month. In September it had climbed to $1,000 primarily because of fall cleaning and extra pickups. “Some people are throwing stuff out instead of storing it as the winter comes,” one member present noted.

• Hale said that some collections on fees and bills had “started to straggle” but new bills would be going out Tuesday.

The Mitchell Heights town council will meet again on Nov. 7.

J.D. Charles

Contributing Writer

J.D. Charles is a freelance writer and a former reporter for The Logan Banner.

J.D. Charles is a freelance writer and a former reporter for The Logan Banner.

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