Kevin’s Lazy River Adventure

RACINE, W.Va. — The annual Kevin’s Lazy River Adventure, scheduled for July 25, 2015, will be better than ever, according to event organizers.

“Over the last eight years, the event has grown to over 200 boats and 400 participants,” said Dan Light, one of the event organizers.

Boats will put in at John Slack Park in Racine and taken out at Dartmont Park in Ashford. The Big Coal River Branch of the Coal River Group will have their annual free West Virginia Picnic at the end of the float at the Dartmont Park shelter.

“The 10-mile float is a fantastic outing, and we hope everyone will consider being a part of this great day,” Light said.

The Coal River Group is a nonprofit organization formed in 2004 to preserve history, develop tourism and encourage recreation in the Coal River Watershed.

Our continuing goal as you can see is to ‘Bring Life Back to the Coal Rivers,’” according to Light.

For more information, contact Teresa Perdue 304-836-5948 or Mary Browning 304-837-3702 for any questions.

Directions to John Slack Park in Racine, where the float/adventure begins: Take I77 south east and exit at Marmet #89. Turn right onto route 94 and drive 10 miles to Racine. At Racine go left at the “Y” onto route 3 and travel 0.05 miles. The park will be on the right.

From Corridor G – Route 3 for 15 miles. Park will be on the right.

Directions to Dartmont Park – take out & the WV Picnic: At the top of Lens Creek Mountain on Route 94 turn right on Ashford road. Go under the trestle and turn right. The park will be on your left after traveling approximately two miles.

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