W.Va. county clerks urge some voters to ensure registration

Staff Report

In this major presidential election year, West Virginia’s County Clerks are and have been working behind the scenes for months to prepare for the May primary and the upcoming 2016 general election.

Recently, postcards were sent to potential voters who are not registered to vote. These postcards were not generated nor mailed by your county clerk. The names were pulled from data analyzed by the Electronic Registration Information Center (ERIC) which uses voter registration data, DMV data and social security data and shares this information among states that are members of ERIC.

With authorization from the legislature, the office of the secretary of state of West Virginia joined ERIC this year and used the system to send these postcards.

If you received a postcard that indicated that you are not registered to vote, but you, in fact, are registered, call the office of the secretary of state at 304-558-6000 to ask them to correct the error.

County clerks were not informed until after the fact that information was being complied through ERIC or that the postcards were being send and the County Clerk’s Association in no way authorized this action.

Staff Report

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