Local police agencies add extra manpower

J.D. Charles - Contributing Writer

WEST LOGAN, W.Va. — Some local law enforcement agencies have been adding on some extra manpower in recent months and the town of West Logan will do so as well.

Two new officers were added to the roster of the Logan Police Department last month and the town of Mitchell Heights has also added another part-time officer, and now West Logan will have a little enhanced manpower coming up soon. On Oct. 10, Mayor Darren Akers received approval from the council to see if one experienced officer he had spoken with would be interested in picking up a couple of extra shifts throughout the month.

“We have seen some steep economic downturns recently across the county and state, and I am a bit concerned that we could see some raise in our normally low crime rates here,” Akers said Monday evening. “To counter that I would like to add another officer part time for a few shifts a month.”

Town Clerk Mark Mareske noted that the town did receive some law enforcement funding from the Logan County Commission thanks to that organizations annual law enforcement levy program and that there could be funds in the budget to enhance the West Logan Police Department.

Council members discussed one local resident who has been working at a nearby department who is already certified who could come on duty for either extra shifts per month or to back up Chief Robert Ward on special assignments.

“From time to time, I need back up on small investigations or searches,” Ward said. “Usually other agencies have been excellent in responding to those requests for assistance. However, I do have some concerns that I might get a request to do a search or something and the other agencies — the Logan County Sheriff’s Department or the State Police — could be tied up in another part of the county, which could be a safety issue for me. If we had somebody local we could call on who is already in the area that could be of tremendous benefit.”

Mayor Akers said he had spoken recently with one officer about the possibility and that he felt it would be a good idea to enhance the small department with another officer even if it is just in a part time position a few shifts per month.

In other West Logan PD news, Chief Ward said there had been one report of a stolen firearm in the neighborhood, but noted the victim had identified a potential suspect.

“We also had another heroin overdose,” he said. “That was the second one this past month.”

Ward noted he had been called upon by the Logan County Sheriff’s Department to assist in the search of an area residence on a call about possible drug activity.

“They netted a small amount of Suboxone in that search,” he added.

In other West Logan news;

• Minutes from the month of September’s council meeting were approved. Town Clerk Mareske had some good news for the council in the monthly financial report. Mareske said the town’s accounts were very good for this time of the year, adding there was a $9,200 property tax check that came in this month. Mareske said he had looked into the town’s tipping fees over the course of the past year and noted that the fees had not increased from their $78 per ton rate. “We just had a lot more pick-ups in the last two months than previous months,” Mareske noted. Neighboring towns have also had the same phenomenon as many people have been doing fall cleaning to get ready for winter and have been tossing unwanted items in the rubbish when they did not feel them worth storing or could not get rid of them at yard sales.

• Mareske said the town’s fuel bill for the month had not arrived yet.

• The council heard about a sad incident for all involved on First Avenue recently when two dogs got outside of their containment unit and assaulted other area pets. One cat-owner heard a commotion and rushed to find her beloved pet captured in the mouth of one of the canines which was shaking it. Later the animal expired from its injuries. Shortly thereafter the same two dogs killed another neighbor’s cat. The council had received a complaint about the same two dogs about two years earlier.

J.D. Charles

Contributing Writer

J.D. Charles is a freelance writer and a former reporter for The Logan Banner.

J.D. Charles is a freelance writer and a former reporter for The Logan Banner.

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