West Logan Council discusses litter

WEST LOGAN — When the tree trimming contractors who clear brush from the lines for Appalachian Power left West Logan recently they left a major eyesore behind.

Piles and piles of trimmed brush were left next to the road and the West Logan Street Department had to haul it away after it sat for more than a week unmoved.

“Glen Dingess was very upset about this,” West Logan Mayor Darren Akers said at Monday night’s town council meeting. “Our street department had to haul two truckloads of this brush to the dump.”:

Mayor Akers and others at the meeting said they felt the brush was no different than any other form of litter that might be dumped next to the road and that the Asplundh contractors should have hauled it off too. When the mayor said he did not know why they did not bring a wood chipper to process and help dispose of the mess, Police Chief Robert Ward said they may have left it behind because the power was out at that time.

Other unsightly problems were also discussed including a collapsing garage near Councilwoman Brooke Honaker’s home to a storage yard by Tom Fortune’s residence. Mayor Akers said the storage yard is also getting grown over with weeds which need to be trimmed.

Chief Ward said he had not heard back yet from building inspector Ray Perry about the property with the collapsing garage yet. Mayor Akers said he would love to see the garage, which is on Mike Hartwell’s property, torn down because it is a safety hazard and an eye sore.

“It is caving in,” Akers said. Council also discussed the ongoing problem of some problematic pooches on that end of town. Chief Ward said a residence that has been the home to several pit bulls had an incident where a small child was bitten by one of the dogs. Ward said the woman who lives there told him the dogs had been removed. However several councilmembers said they had seen one or more of the dogs with another resident of the property who was out walking them in the neighborhood.

A man and woman who have been the recipients of several police calls over domestic disputes in the town of West Logan are now gone, according to Ward.

Ward told the town council on Monday night that the couple, who lived on Third Avenue and who had been the source of several complaints and domestic calls had one last call to their residence recently.

“We had two incidents that had been handled by the West Virginia State Police and that one was one of them,” Ward said, noting the other was an automobile accident nearby at the traffic lights close to the Peach Creek Bridge.

“The domestic dispute went out and the West Virginia State Police showed up to handle it,” Chief Ward said. “When they went inside the residence they found a marijuana cultivation set up. So they were arrested and evicted. They are moved on down the road now.” The couple had the police called upon them several times over the past few months for domestic disputes, Ward noted.

Ward said June and July had been mostly quiet months in the town with the only other major complaint being a loud dirt bike riding up First Avenue.

In other West Logan news:

• Minutes from June were read and approved. Financial statements from June were approved. Town Clerk Mark Mareske said the town had a little money left over at the end of the Fiscal Year as the town stayed under its $160,000 budget and paid all its bills. $1,407 was left over.

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