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Tuesday’s Logan Banner headlines were truly laughable. Nick Joe Rahall, opted to pull out the oldest political trick in the book in order to grab some headlines. Here is the way it works. When a politician knows he has no real record or platform around which to build any campaign, he has his staff “leak” a rumor. Then once the “rumor” is published, the politician runs to the nearest TV camera or microphone to refute the rumor. It gives the appearance that there is nasty opposition out there who is trying to thwart the politician. Good try Nick, but West Virginian’s aren’t as dumb as you’d like to think we are.

The “rumor” Nick Joe was supposedly denying, is that he had considered retiring from the House of Representatives. His strong refute was, “I’m a fighter not a quitter.” Well, I’d like to challenge your courageous record Mr. Rahall. Let’s review shall we?

In 2008, during his initial run for President, Barak Hussein Obama stated clearly and I quote, “If somebody wants to build a coal powered plant, they can; it’s just that it will bankrupt them because they are going to be charged a huge sum because of all that greenhouse gas that is being emitted.” This statement by candidate Obama was his first salvo in his unbiased “War on Coal”. So, how did “Courageous Nick” deal with this threat to West Virginia coal miners? He saddled up and jumped on the Obama campaign wagon and supported him for President!

Next comes 2010 and the infamous “Affordable Care Act” aka Obamacare. A majority of Americans and West Virginians were against letting Washington DC take charge of their doctors’ visits. So how did Courageous Nick vote in Congress? He voted 100 percent in favor of Obamacare.

Let’s look further. In the matter of economics; when Obama came into office all of the presidents in the history of our country had accumulated a total national debt of 10 trillion dollars. Under Obama that number has increased to almost 17 trillion. So, what has Courageous Nick done to protect our grandchildren from spending their entire lives trying to pay back this debt? He voted for every spending plan that Obama has ever asked for, including those which gave billions to green energy startup companies while coal miners were being laid off.

But perhaps the most absurd quote came from Nick himself. He said, “I will support him (Obama) when he is good for West Virginia and I will oppose him when he’s bad for West Virginia.” Then the interviewer asked whether Obama has been overall good for West Virginia, to which Rahall replied, “Probably not”.

So, Nick, let me make certain I understand. You say you WILL oppose Obama in the future when he isn’t good for West Virginia, and you admit he hasn’t been good so far. Yet, at every opportunity you’ve ever had to oppose him in the past, you have instead supported him. Now THAT took some courage to say! LOL

Ultimately there is only one way to change the political system and that is to quit reelecting people. Nick Joe has been in DC for 37 years. That is about 31 years too long. I think we have had about all of your courage we can stand at this point Nick. This time, “We the People” will show you what real courage is when we send you packing and elect someone else to Congress.

Gary Lee Corns


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