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There is a justifiable undercurrent of unrest brewing in our nation. We the People are fed up with the Government Class which holds authority over us. When I say “Government Class” I’m referring to career politicians, those who support them and the major news media who spin their web of deception. The politicians are from both political parties while their supporters are from two primary groups, the poor and the ultra-rich. These two groups comprise the financing and the votes needed to keep any lifetime politician in office. Together, these four groups make up the world’s most successful criminal enterprise. Here is how the scam works for them and against us.

The ultra-rich want crony capitalism from the politicians they buy. They get government contracts, waivers from laws or rigged legislation which creates an advantage for themselves and against their competitors in the market. Consider Warren Buffett who is an Obama supporter at the moment. He owns the railroad which transports the Canadian oil south to the refineries in Oklahoma and Texas. He is against the Keystone pipeline project, because it will all but destroy his rail business for transporting bulk oil. So, for this political cycle, he is an Obama man through and through. But if a Republican gets elected next time, Mr. Buffet will likely support the Republicans. His objective is favors, not free market capitalism. Purchased politicians make up rules that deter or prevent new competition from entering the free market. So, the gap between the ultra-rich and the middle class grows wider each year. The ultra-rich provide big money and the career politicians provide favors in return.

The second group is the greedy poor. Their greed isn’t for market share but for stuff. They want free food, housing, a vehicle allowance, a cell phone and medical care. Typically, they want just enough to keep them in some degree of comfort. Fewer and fewer poor people move from poverty to the middle class each year. One of every three Americans is now receiving some type of government assistance. The lifetime politicians have learned that if you give the poor enough handouts, they will give up on making a better life for themselves and will accept government assistance as a way of life. The career politicians hand out assistance and in turn, the poor give back big votes.

This racquet is then protected and perpetuated by the news media. They make it appear that both political parties are fighting for us, when in reality they are only fighting for their own prominence as rulers over us!

The one group that strikes fear in the hearts of the Government Class is the Tea Party. Both the Democrats and the Republicans hate the Tea Party. They will even unite to defeat Tea Party candidates like they recently did in Mississippi. The Tea Party is a grass roots movement of fed up Americans committed to congressional term limits, a fair tax system, and State sovereignty over Federal mandates. The Democrats, the Republican establishment and the major news networks have united to label us as gun toting, Bible thumping, racists; which tells me they are very scared of us!

Yes, an undercurrent is stirring and just like our forefathers before us, a day is coming when we will toss the Government Class out of power with the same disdain the patriots tossed the English tea into the Boston Harbor. We will make a difference and you can join us by doing one thing first … reelect no one.

Gary Lee Corns


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