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Logan Elementary


Natalie Sheppard/Rebecca Vance

Dear Santa,

I love you Santa. I’ve been very good this year. I love Rudolph too. For Christmas, I’d like a bakery Easy Bake Oven. For my brother, Tristen, please bring him a girl. I’ll leave you a glass of milk just in case you get thirsty. Love,

Brooke Taylor

Dear Santa,

Thank you for all the toys. Tell all your elves, thank you for making all the toys for the boys and girls. This year I’d like a stuffed elf, Hello Kitty, a hockey table, and a stuffed Christmas tree. I’ll leave you some white milk and chocolate chip cookies. Love,

Jenna Wallace

Dear Santa,

I love you Santa. I’ve been a very good girl this year. I want some Barbies, an Elf on the Shelf, and a little Pete the Cat stuffed animal. Please bring my baby brother a chewy monkey. Please bring my older brother some GI Joes. I’ll leave you something to eat. Love,

Abby Maynard

Dear Santa,

I’ve been good. Will you bring me a red guitar and a bow-n-arrow? I’ll only shoot it outside not at home or in school. I’ll leave you cookies and chocolate milk. Love,

Blake Dotson

Dear Santa,

I hope you get to come to my house because I’ve not been naughty. I’d like an Easy Bake Oven, a real cat, a four wheeler with hunting clothes, a ring, make-up, jewelry, and a new phone. Please bring my brothers three cars. Thank you Santa! I’ll leave you some cookies and milk. Love,

Savannah Shell

Dear Santa,

I’ve been really good. I really want a doll, a sparkly back pack, and new shoes. Please bring my sisters toys too. I will leave you cookies and milk. Love,

Kylee Nelson

Dear Santa,

I have been a good girl. For Christmas, I want an iPod. Please bring my sister a coloring book. I’ll leave you some corn in case you’re hungry. Love,

Hannah Miller

Dear Santa,

I’ve been good and so has my sister. I want a Princess Sophie amulet, a Sophie dress and tiara, and a Dora computer. Bring my sister a Dora computer too. I’ll leave you cookies to eat. Love,

Brooke Hall

Dear Santa,

I love you Santa. I hope you love me too. I hope that you will give me presents. I’d like a pony, and a toy horse. I will leave you a cookie. Love,

Raylin Henry

Dear Santa,

Thanks for all the toys you bring me. This year I’d like a helicopter. I’ll leave you a candy cane to eat on your trip. Love,

Timmy Lawerance

Dear Santa,

Do you ever get presents? I’ve been a good boy this year. Please bring me a remote controlled airplane, a remote controlled balloon fish, a remote controlled helicopter, an iPad, an elf to live with me, an Ironman shield, and a real phone. I am going to leave you some cookies, gummies, and chocolate milk. Love,

Shawn Isaacs

Dear Santa,

I love you Santa. I wish you would bring me presents. I’d like a bunch of toys, all of them. I will leave you some milk and cookies. Love,

Dominic White

Dear Santa,

I’ve been a good boy this year. Please bring me some Playdoh, a racecar, a DS, and some games for it. Thank you, Santa, love,

Connor Brumfield

Dear Santa,

I like football. I’ve been good this year. Please bring me some wrestling and football toys for Christmas. I will some cookies and milk. Love,

Cross Conn

Dear Santa,

I’ve been a good boy this year. I’d really like a big bike, a fire truck, paper to draw on, a big fire department, and a special green backpack. Can I have a toy phone please? I will leave you a gingerbread man to eat. Love,

Anthony Meyers

Dear Santa,

I like your presents and I’ve been really good. For Christmas, I’d like a guitar this year. I’ll leave you some cookies to eat. Love,

Caiden Vance

Dear Santa,

I want Skylander swap force and Sonic the Lost World. I’ve been really good, so please get that for me. Love,

Shayden Ooten

Dear Santa,

I like your reindeer. I want a camouflage truck, some candy canes, and a wagon. I’ll leave you some cookies. Love,

Trevin Gaylock

Dear Santa,

Have a Happy Christmas with your elves. Remember my gifts, even though I’ve been naughty like last year. Thanks for bringing me presents. You can decide what to bring me. I’ll leave you some milk and cookies. Love,

Seamus Slonaker


Holden Grade School


Morris, teacher/Ms. Terri, aide

Dear Santa,

Our students have been mostly good this year. Would you please bring them whatever you think is best for Christmas this year?

Mrs. Morris

Dear Santa,

Please can I have a Wii U with Super Mario 3D World? And I want Super Mario Brothers II for the Wii U. Everybody else doesn’t want anything else at my house for Christmas.

Jace Bryant

Dear Santa,

Could you get me a White McQueen that I can get in and out of, and that I can drive and hit the toy pedal? I want to see Rudolph. Jackson would like the same thing as me. That’s it.

Landon Roach

Dear Santa,

Please give me presents like a Knuckle Truck. I like my Mommy. Please bring Mommy some books. My Daddy goes to work at the coal mines. I think he doesn’t need anything for Christmas. My brother, Dominic, wants one of Santa’s reindeer for Christmas – a toy one.

Zachary Crum

Dear Santa,

I want an iPhone, and I love Santa. I want an Easy Bake Oven and will you please get me a new bicycle and a new four-wheeler? I used to have one but it flipped on me when my brother told me to do a wheelie. I broke my leg. My brother wants a new dirt bike and a new four-wheeler and a jacked-up truck. I want a real microphone with sparkles on it. My Mommy needs a new car, and my step-dad needs a new speedy black car.

Keira Bowen

Dear Santa,

I want a basketball, a monkey, and a red parrot. I want a horsey, and I want a puppet. Get my sister a play set. Get my Mommy a heating pad and Daddy a shirt. Get Hunter a toy gun or Legos. I love you, Santa!

Olivia Jackson

Dear Santa,

Merry Christmas, Santa! Please bring me a baby monkey, a toy one. My brother would like a dinosaur.

Maggie Brewster

Dear Santa,

I want a Dora mermaid, a make-up kit, and a bracelet maker. Rebekah wants Minion stuff. I think Maggie wants a bracelet kit, too. I don’t know what Danielle or Amanda or Mom or Dad want for Christmas.

Lindsay Mahone

Dear Santa Claus,

I love you! You’re the best! How can you get those toys over to my house all the time in just one night? I believe in your reindeer and in you, Santa. And I want for Christmas a Barbie doll and I want a pretty golden ring and I want a girl elf doll and I want a calendar and a toy tree and a rocking chair and that’s all. I want my Daddy to have a hat, and I want a new lamp with a dark blue side and little holes and it’s golden for my Mommy. For my brother I want an ABC collection and a toy workshop.

Emily Porter

Dear Santa,

I want to say that Santa’s nice. What I want for Christmas is a sword and a dirt bike and how do your reindeer fly? I want for Aleigha a stuffed animal and my sister wants a BB gun, and get Stacey a piece of coal.

Robert Bryant

Dear Santa,

Thank you for the stuff from last year. Thank you for the toys you got me. Thank you for the presents you got me. I love you! I would like you to bring me a real reindeer, and I want you to give me a kiss. You are the best! Please bring me money, like a hundred dollars. I want the mall to be open so I can get my ears pierced. Thank you for loving me, too.

Angelina Butler

Dear Santa,

I like Santa. He brought me a pink doll, and I liked it. Mommy said that Sissy loves it, too. She acted like it was hers but it was mine because Santa brought it to me. It was too little for my sister. Her name is Molly. I want a jump rope that is hot pink and purple that is so hot that I would like it. That would be my favorite jump rope, but I would love it. And I am glad it would be purple and pink.

Heidi Barnette

Dear Santa,

I like reindeer. I like Santa. Thanks for giving me toys. I want a BB gun, an iPhone and a real dog, and I want for Christmas a dirt bike. I want a toy Santa Claus that gets Bubble gum out. I want a toy pumpkin that is scary.

Aiden Workman

Dear Santa,

I want a Zoomer for Christmas. Then I want a real penguin and a real rabbit, and I want a real cat and a toy chicken. I want an Alvin and the Chipmunks DVD and an Xbox 2. That’s it.

Brayden McCoy

Dear Santa,

Thank you for getting that tattoo maker for me. Please get me a robot monkey that moves around like a real monkey. Then I want a Zoomer that moves around like a real dog. I already got Poppaw something. I want anything with flowers for Mommaw. I don’t know what Daddy wants.

Olivia Ball

Dear Santa,

I want a baby cat and a baby dog. I want some high heels. My Mommy lets me wear them on Christmas. I want a baby doll, and I want some more dresses. For my sister, I want her to get One Direction stuff and my Bubby gets a new video game. If my Mommy and my Daddy get a present, I want my Mommy to get a new iPad because hers is not working, and I want her to get the big iPod that is in the machine at Walmart. I want my Daddy to get some tools.

Nevaeh Barker

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