GOP pols: Are they groupies, too?

The following editorial is from the Pocono Record of Stroudsburg, Pa.:

Dec. 06—Americans love celebrities. Television celebrity-based shows abound, from the kooky Kardashians to the tyrannical Trump.

Politicians like celebs just as much as anyone. Donald Trump is a special case now because he’s the Republican front-runner for the presidential nomination. But even many Republicans say he’s become an embarrassment to the party. He’s insulted Mexicans, women, black and disabled people, proposed unworkable “solutions” like removing wholesale every illegal immigrant, and spouted nonsensical one-liners like (despite his over-the-top insults) “Everybody loves me!”

As the top-polling candidate, Trump naturally is on the invite list to Pennsylvania GOP’s annual holiday gala in (no, not in the Keystone State, and that’s another editorial) New York City. And likely pols from all over Pennsylvania will queue up to meet him. At least, that’s what even politicians who don’t really approve of him hope — because they want the money his presence will bring.

State GOP honchos say they hope having Trump at their annual gala at the swanky Plaza Hotel will boost attendance to over 300. At $1,000 a pop to attend, that’s no chump change as a fundraiser the party will use, in part, toward conservative Republican Sen. Pat Toomey’s reelection.

Before the pricy dinner, they’re planning a photo-op session with Trump. Cost? $2,500 per person.

Consider that many politicians’ most common office decorations is photos of them with the rich and famous and, of course, with those in higher office (usually of the same party). Why not Trump?

Well, for the reasons suggested in Paragraph 2. Trump is a serial insulter, a prickly, arrogant and politically ill-informed person who expects to run this big, fractious country by sheer force of personality. Some party leaders themselves have said he isn’t qualified for the job.

So here’s what you, readers, should ask your own elected officials when they come back from this holiday blast in the Big Apple. Did you get a photo of yourself with Trump? Their answer could speak volumes about their motivations, how they prioritize their spending, and their sense of dignity.

Elected officials all enjoy their own set of groupies. Plenty of them are not above being groupies, either.

All for the GOP cause, of course.


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