The right to work: W.Va.’s next up

The following editorial is from the Pittsburgh Tribune-Review of Greensburg, Pa:

Dec. 14—It appears increasingly likely that West Virginia could become the nation’s 26th right-to-work state. And that will send a clarion message to Big Labor that the days of forced union dues are coming to an end.

While union sentiment runs deep in The Mountain State, 80 percent of union members believe paying union dues should be the workers’ choice, according to polling information cited by Heritage Foundation researcher James Sherk. Among West Virginia voters, right to work is supported by almost 3-to-1, he says.

So it’s likely that West Virginia’s Legislature will advance right-to-work legislation when it reconvenes in January. And that has more than a few labor bosses, state and national, on edge and already pumping out the union propaganda.

But exactly how freedom to choose whether to pay union dues will be costlier — or deadlier — for West Virginians is anyone’s guess. Voters in other right-to-work states, including Indiana and Michigan, continue to support freedom over unions’ fear mongering.

“It’s not surprising that union bosses are using inaccurate scare tactics to protect their fat-cat salaries,” said Jason Huffman, West Virginia director of Americans for Prosperity.

Here’s hoping West Virginia’s leaders will put fairness ahead of empty union rhetoric. And what’s good for West Virginia would be great for Pennsylvania.


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