The race for president: Critical choices

The following editorial appeared in The Pittsburgh Tribune-Review on January 3:

The silly season is upon us. American voters cast the first ballots of the 2016 presidential election Feb. 1 in Iowa, then Feb. 9 in New Hampshire. It promises to be an election like no other.

Democrats are poised to make Hillary Clinton their nominee — a history-making affair in which the former first lady, U.S. senator and secretary of State would become a major political party’s first female presidential nominee.

Will her curious brand of European socialism, deceptive in its allure, sway the masses and propel her into the White House?

On the surface, Republicans appear to be a farce few can imagine worthy of being reckoned with. There is a seething in the air fueled by much heat and little light that could make tycoon Donald Trump the GOP nominee.

Indeed, it would be a shot across the bow of the “Republican establishment,” if not “conservatism” itself (as if either is readily identifiable anymore).

Will America elect as its president the caricature of a buffoon?

No matter how silly, deceptive, farcical or buffoonish this election becomes, Americans will chose a new president Nov. 8. We will have to live with the consequences. So, as the primary season unfolds, we offer this advice: Choose wisely.


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