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Kevin Farmer - Contributing Columnist

Kevin Farmer Contributing Columnist

Greetings, in the name of our risen Lord and Savior Jesus Christ. Time is a precious commodity, there is not much you can do to buy extra time, you can’t repeat time already spent, you can anticipate times to come, however once they have arrived they are over. Jim Croce sang “there never seems to be enough time to do the things you want to do once you find them.” Oh how true that old song is.

Doesn’t matter how old you are or how long you have been driving, you sometimes overlook the simple things. I recently had driven to Texas to see my dad and brother and deliver a camper. This is a 1300 mile trip one-way. It literally rained every day I was in Texas, for one whole week. On my return trip I left with ample enough time to return when I deemed it necessary to return to work and get back to West Virginia.

Just as most people do I filled up my gas tank in my pick- up when I left that morning in Texas. Now Texas is a big state you can drive all day and never leave Texas. As the rain began to fall, I started noticing water on the sides of the road and localized flooding had closed down exit ramps to get off the interstate. I’ve been through flooding before in West Virginia, not much different in Texas; the interstate was ramped up dirt, built up above the grade of soil on either side. Which made it great for the people traveling on the highway, but for the farmland and people in the lower land this is where the water backed up and flooded. As I traveled in the heavy rain, while the flooding was going on around me, I suddenly became aware that I was running out of gas.

The time had come for me to refill my truck, but the last two exits had been closed. I sat and wondered and prayed if the gas stations ahead would be open and if the exit ramps would be accessible. We often times in life don’t really worry or even pray about what’s happening to others until it begins to affect ourselves. I was guilty of this at this moment. Time is running out for me, my vehicle needed refueling, and fast.

Good news, the GPS said a gas station was at the next exit. It was a slightly higher elevation as I took the ramp, what the GPS hadn’t revealed is the gas station was closed and it was the only one at this exit. The station before me had been damaged by a tornado, prior to this rain storm. That’s when the gas light came on in my truck.

As I set in the closed down gas station parking lot I prayed out loud; “Father God help me to find a gas station open, and also that my vehicle be able to drive there, in Jesus name Amen”. You see it was raining so hard I did want to get out of vehicle or turn it off. Time had come for me to put my faith, not in my vehicle, my GPS, or my own wits, but in a higher power — God.

As I pulled into the next exit a few miles down the road the truck began to lurch as I saw the gas station ahead. I ran out of gas a few times in my life and I know what it feels like. Suddenly the clouds opened up, it stopped raining, and the sun shown through the opening in the clouds. I didn’t look at the sign to see how much the gas cost, I didn’t care. I just knew that I needed refueling and as long as the product being served would serve this purpose I was unconcerned with the brand or cost.

You see God is with us, in the small things in life, as well as the big. Some of us are going through life just running on fumes with the gas light on not knowing where or how to refuel. Jesus is our friend and wants to be prayed to and/or talked to daily; He loves us and that’s the way one should treat the people they love. As I was driving I was concentrating on the storm, and the damage that the flooding was doing. The way the world wants you to think is to concentrate on it and the evil and bad within it. Don’t forget to refuel yourself, read your Bible, pray to God, and go to church. When the time comes in your life you won’t care about the church it happens at, the Bible you may have been reading, or even the preacher, long as you receive Jesus Christ as your Savior.

Jesus’ blood is the fuel for your life, the perfect brand at any cost. To receive this life-saving fuel simply pray, for the time is at hand, and the place to receive it will be opened to you, just ahead in life. Even as the storms rage all around you in life the path that Jesus has set before you can be straight and safe.

I thank God I made it home safely, both physically and spiritually, Amen.

Kevin Farmer Contributing Columnist Farmer Contributing Columnist

Kevin Farmer

Contributing Columnist

Rev. Kevin Farmer is pastor of Claypool United Methodist Church and a member of the Logan Ministerial Association.

Rev. Kevin Farmer is pastor of Claypool United Methodist Church and a member of the Logan Ministerial Association.

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