From the Banner files: Girls beat two-timing boyfriend

Dwight Williamson - Guest Columnist

Dwight Williamson Guest Columnist

In February of 1931 two girls from Accoville got into a fight following church service, but it was their boyfriend who got the worst end of it all. A Logan Banner story from that time reported that the unnamed male got his full share of grief and ended up in the hospital with a broken nose, a dent in his skull and a twisted arm—and he deserved it all. Here’s the story.

The trouble broke out on a Sunday morning when the young man in question took one of the girls to church, and then, to even things up, started to take the other girl home. He had not gotten far on his way with the second girl when the lassie that he had taken to and left at the church assailed the pair from the rear with a barrage of rocks, one of which cracked him on the head and knocked him down on the roadway. Another stone struck the girl he was with in the face with sufficient force to also send her down to the ground. She arose quickly, however, and gathered up some stones for herself and started firing them back at her attacker.

When the girls came within 15 feet of each other they ran out of ammo (rocks) and simultaneously ran toward each other and clinched into a horrific battle. Meanwhile, the male disturber of the Sunday peace got to his feet and charged at the two female fighters, seeking to separate them and to prevent them from ruining their Sunday clothes. As he came within their range the two girls released themselves and took after him, beating him with their fists and kicking him vigorously with their sharp toed shoes.

He was forced to give ground under the onslaught, but the girls quickly caught up with him, and while one held his arms from the rear, the other clawed and pounded him from the front. When she had worn herself out, the girls changed places and gave him another going over.

While the man was struggling to free himself, some other persons came up and separated the belligerents. The man sat down on the side of the road nursing his bruised and bloodied face and complained of a “broken arm”, while the girls then turned upon each other again and but for the “rescue squad” might have inflicted considerable damage upon each other. Meanwhile, the girls loudly accused each other of taking “their man” and threatened all sorts of dire vengeance against each other.

Eventually the man was sent to a Logan hospital as his injuries seemed to be severe and the girls were escorted home still threatening to do the other bodily harm the next time they met.

Later it was reported that the man had been dating both of the girls, and was alleged to have been engaged to marry both of them. When he was released from the hospital a couple of days later, the parents of the girls threatened to bring suit for breach of promise, and he then disappeared from the county never to return.

Perhaps the man survived to “court” again somewhere else. That is, unless the lesson he learned up on Buffalo Creek was sufficient to turn him against all women.


Sometimes I find myself feeling sorry for the young people of our region because there is just not much for them to do, minus the internet, Facebook, etc.……however, there are two places that make me feel there is hope for our younger generation—SWVCC and the Hot Cup Café in Logan… the college, where I do a lot of research, I often overhear students’ conversations and it seems they are on the right track…..and on a recent Saturday night when I left the courthouse, I saw at least 25 young people on Stratton Street in front of the Hot Cup Café, and the inside was packed with young folks… turns out there were a couple of bands performing at the coffee joint that evening… was good to see “life” back in the town…..speaking of the local college, I wonder what came out of the June 14th meeting in which the possibility of a craft beer class was being explored…..believe it or not, that business is booming all over the state, and the Hatfield and McCoy names have been stolen from our area for the purpose of naming a northern craft beer, and that just doesn’t seem right…..I enjoyed a story well written in June by William Plaster, who is sports editor for the Williamson Daily News…..Plaster covered the Marshall University Coaches Tour at the Logan County Club where it was announced that Buddy and Jean Ferrell were named the honorees for the event…..what I did not know until I read the story was that Marshall head football coach Doc Holiday’s father was from Omar and was a coal miner…..that’s just one more reason to cheer on The Herd…..DID YOU KNOW that the first time the Harlem Globetrotters ever actually played a game in Harlem was in 1968, after they had been in existence for 40 years?… is good to see all of the canoes and kayaks on the Guyandotte River, a great idea from Four Seasons owner Jack Baisden Jr., who rents the vessels for a good day of fun on the water…..with the Woods and Water Festival coming Labor Day weekend, it would be a grand time to make a watery trip on the historic Guyandotte…..for those who do not already know, the Logan County Crippled Children’s building that stood near the railroad crossing at Shamrock has been demolished……once a very important place for fighting against the polio disease, it was razed by the PRIDE of Logan County organization because of possible insurance liabilities…..glad I was able to do a story about the place about one year ago…..for the record, the last case of polio reported in West Virginia was in 1968…..QUOTE OF THE WEEEK: “Everyone is a moon and has a dark side which he never shows to anybody.”—Mark Twain…..the town of Chapmanville seems to be playing “musical mayors” lately with the recent naming of Raamie Barker as its mayor….my old boss at The Banner years ago probably will place some jelly beans on his desk since he’s a big fan of former president Ronald Reagan…..I recently saw in the State Journal that obstetricians and gynecologists are the highest paid professionals in West Virginia, averaging $294,027 per year , and that there are only 50 of them in our state; for the record, magistrates are the lowest paid fulltime employees in the courthouse…..according to Coal Facts magazine, 7,250,198 tons of coal were mined in Logan county in 2015…..those figures placed Logan fourth in the state behind Marshall, Marion and Kanawha…..the magazine also noted that the mines employed 1,309 people during last year and that the Logan County Commission received $1,522,049.59 in coal severance taxes for the same period… show you how times have changed, in 1971, the year I graduated from Logan High School, there were 48,858 coal mining jobs in our state…..FINAL NOTE: I hope to soon get with Logan Mayor Nolletti and Police ChiefHarper in regard to a 1930 murder of a Logan Police Chief that occurred in the old Smokehouse restaurant on Stratton Street. Some relatives of the murdered chief brought some newspapers clippings about the incident and trial and it captivated the Mayor and chief, who had not heard about it. However, I had already obtained copies of the murder and was planning a story because it shows how corrupted two of Devil Anse Hatfield’s sons were when they were Logan County sheriffs. It should be an interesting story.

Dwight Williamson Guest Columnist Williamson Guest Columnist

Dwight Williamson

Guest Columnist

Dwight Williamson is a contributing writer and a former reporter for The Logan Banner. He currently serves as a Logan County Magistrate.

Dwight Williamson is a contributing writer and a former reporter for The Logan Banner. He currently serves as a Logan County Magistrate.

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