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Dear Editor

A mean, unforgiving, self-righteous attitude has become pervasive in the Christian Church, and that attitude is a direct result of a political party’s self-serving and contrary to Jesus claim that Christians have a duty to God to punish sinners in accordance to the Bible (the Old Testament). It’s a claim designed to win converts to the Republican Party, not to win converts to Jesus. Money is the god of the Republican Party, and it is of no consequence to the leaders of that party if, because of their service to their god, Christian souls are drawn away from the one true God.

The Jews wanted a Messiah who would be their earthly King, a powerful ruler who would punish the enemies of Israel and bring the whole world under obedience to the Old Covenant law of Moses. However, Jesus refused to obey the Old Covenant, and instead, He established His New Covenant of grace. When it became clear to the leaders of the Jews that Jesus would not be the earthly King that they wanted Him to be, and that His New Covenant would take away their power to rule in accordance with the Old Covenant, the Jews, led by the Pharisees, rejected Jesus and crucified Him.

Today, the Republican Party has turned back time, making the same demands on Christians that the Jews had made on Jesus. To increase their own political power to rule, the Republican Party is claiming that Christians have a duty to God to join them so that they can pass laws to punish sinners, like homosexuals and abortionists; basically the same claim the Pharisees made when they brought the adulteress to Jesus (John 8:5-7). Obviously, Jesus requires His followers to refuse to join the leaders of the Republican Party in punishing sinners, the same way He Himself refused to join the Pharisees in punishing the adulteress.

Reasonably, you can’t mix Old Covenant punishment with New Covenant grace, and then, pick and choose which parts of which covenant you want to obey. Because Jesus had already established His New Covenant before his conversion, even Apostle Paul had to renounce and repent of his actions in enforcing the Old Covenant law of Moses before he could become a leader of Christians.

Mr. Phil Sanders did an excellent Bible study on the difference between the Old Covenant and the New Covenant. It was titled, “The Law”, and it was broadcast on “In Search of the Lord’s Way”, on July 5, 2015. You can get a written copy or a CD of that Bible study by calling 1-800-321-8633, or by writing to: In Search of the Lord’s Way, P.O. Box 371, Edmond, OK 73083, or by sending an e-mail to [email protected]


Russell Marcum


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