Kim Davis’ stance


As one who attempts to follow God, I want to express how uplifted I feel for Kim Davis’ stance for Him. For those who aren’t familiar with that name — she is the Kentucky County Clerk who chose to follow God rather than man. I hope and pray to be so bold when I’m called to stand for God (rather than political correctness). Mrs. Davis is a winner although the world doesn’t agree. To her, the world opinion is of no significance, I’m sure. She is on the side of one who has the last word and I feel His silence won’t last much longer. His Court is much higher than the Supreme Court.

Like we say, “it takes guts” to do what Mrs. Davis has done. But, more than that, it takes God’s Spirit. If we witness for God, we immediately become targets, or prey, for the opposition — the media in particular. Defiant is the way Mrs. Davis was described. She is defiant toward man’s law while obeying the law-giver.

There is much alarm when the term “anti-Christ” is mentioned. People wonder who and when. Well, the anti-Christ spirit was written of as far back as the Book of II John. And, it’s all alive and well today. I see it everyday on television and as I go through my daily life. There may very well be one entity who comes on the scene as the anti-Christ. When he does, there’ll be many followers. People opposing God more and more is a sigh of the end of this age.

Christians, me included, should be “up-in-arms” in support of Kim Davis. Where are God’s representatives at times like these? We shrink back hoping they won’t come for us next. But, they will! Our freedoms lessen each month.

I can be politically correct or God correct. Fleshly controlled minds can’t grasp Mrs. Davis’ mindset. God wants us to follow His Spirit, not our flesh. I see little change in many of our problems until God replaces our “stony” flesh hearts.


Sharon L. Hill


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