Pope Francis


By the time you read this, the Pope will have returned to Rome. For those who care about and read the Bible, I have a few questions and thoughts about the titles of Pope Francis and the reverential treatment given to him. I was amazed but not surprised by it.

I have read in the scriptures that we were not to refer to anyone as “Holy” or “Reverend,” that those are God’s titles only. Yet, nearly every day you hear it on television or read it in the newspaper — “The Holy Father” and “Reverend So-and-so.” I heard it so much recently that I had to turn my TV off.

To me, the Pope is another human being. Jesus Christ is the only head of His body. The Bible that I read reads differently than the Pope’s. Pope Francis may very well be a humble and kind man, but he’s just that — a man. The denomination to which he belongs bears little resemblance to “The” church Jesus represents. Jesus Christ died a horrible death for me and you; so, He alone deserves my/our allegiance. He did not die for a religion or denomination; He died to save us. God gave us His word; humans gave us religions.

God told us that He is not a “respecter of persons,” but, wow, we sure seem to be! When I’m asked, “what church do you belong to?” I say “I belong to Jesus.” Most people need to label you and aren’t satisfied with that answer. My eyes have been opened, and I’ve been set free from mankind’s traditions and doctrines. That’s what a relationship with God, reading His word, praying for wisdom and obeying Him will do for you. Jesus said, “You shall know the truth and it will set you free.”

We were warned to beware of deception. To prevent that, we must know what God said. Our country is “ripe for deception.”

I’ll end with this thought to ponder — we rolled out the red carpet for the Pope, the leader of China and this week, Russia’s president. A few months ago, when Israel’s leader came to speak to Congress — nothing. Just doesn’t seem right or fair.

Since I am not a prophetess, I can’t say what that means. In connection with end-time events, I’m sure it has significance. So, watch and pray.


Sharon L. Hill


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