Individual rights above government authority


I’m afraid most Americans, especially parents, are unaware that the most basic Constitutional rights are being forcibly taken from their children. Young adults throughout our once great country are being forced to surrender their First Amendment right to freedom of religion, freedom of speech and freedom of peaceful assembly by the authority of collegiate administrators; even though these institutions obtain their charters from the very government whose law they openly defy. The results of this assault are devastating and pave the way for surrender to Totalitarian rule. Totalitarianism is the political system where the government, not the individual, has all authority in all matters, including private thought and behavior. In America today, the Totalitarian movement is called political correctness.

Just a half century ago during the 1960s college students assembled and marched in protest to the Vietnam War. In some instances, their peaceful assemblies became violent and were rightfully resisted by the authorities. Nevertheless, their protests were heard and effectively helped to bring an end to America’s presence in Southeast Asia. However, there is a growing trend in America where these kinds of protests will no longer be seen on colleges. Instead, many campuses are opting for a limited space on campus, designated as “Free Speech Zones” where they direct students to assemble for protest or political demonstration. Excuse me, the Constitution declares the whole country is a free speech zone!

Once corralled, the next step in the Totalitarian agenda is to limit the “type” of free speech allowed in these free speech zones. As it turns out, some free speech is not allowed by these colleges, even in the free speech zone. A case in point is the University of California at Berkley. A young woman displayed a pro-life series of photographs on a poster showing the stages of embryonic development to discourage young women from aborting their babies. Her poster was forcibly removed by a professor who defiantly proclaimed, “I may be stealing. But you are a terrorist”. Subsequently, the professor did not receive so much as a reprimand from the college administration. Why could this college professor do this? One reason, political correctness.

Political correctness is a style of politics in which the more radical members of the left attempt to regulate political discourse by defining opposing views as bigoted and illegitimate. In other words, the PC cultural elite define which speech is acceptable and which is not. The filter through which this process occurs is that of offense. Any idea or expression which is deemed potentially offensive to others is labeled as bigotry irrespective of the underlying intent. Of course, with this standard, virtually any act can be labeled as hateful for it is the culture lords who decide which thing is offensive and which is not.

I encourage the youth of our country to take a stand against this evil by speaking their mind openly and fearlessly both inside and outside the college classrooms. If someone directs you to the free speech zone, politely tell them you LIVE in a free speech zone; it’s called the USA! If you are told your opinion might be offensive to others, tell them that is your right under the Constitution. Offended people need to grow up, quit whining and win in the arena of ideals.

America was forged from the fight for individual rights above government authority. Rugged individualism and not social engineering made this nation great and we need fearless young leaders on our college campuses to stand up for those rights again. Refuse to be herded into the homogenous zombie-land having neither life nor voice. Speak up. Disagree. Adopt the declaration of Patrick Henry, “Give me liberty, or give me death!” For life without liberty is no life at all.

Gary Lee Corns


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