More “legislation and regulation”

Based on his recent Logan Banner editorial, Joe Manchin is unfit to be a U. S. Senator. Joe is another in a long list of political leaders who presume their job is to fix our country through legislation. This kind of backward thinking is precisely why America is a mess today. Legislation, especially politically expedient legislation, fosters the expansion of government at the expense of liberty. The Constitution assigned the Federal Government a very, very narrowly defined role in the lives of the citizenry, the most important of which is to provide for the common defense of all the States. But in Joe’s world, he and his colleagues (I prefer to call them co-conspirators) believe their role is to be the saviors of all things broken … able to fix any miniscule problem from school lunches to aerospace, able to leap tall debt in a single vote, able to control the earth’s climate with windmills. There is virtually nothing in our everyday lives they do not want to meddle in. Where would we be without such benevolent overlords?

Joe’s editorial bemoaned the prescription drug problem in West Virginia, then offered his solution; but not before explaining that his decision to remain in the Senate is in large part because he wants to fight against prescription drug abuse. (Of course his decision not to run for Governor has nothing to do with the fact that West Virginia has finally thrown off a half century of Democrat Party control). He went on to remind us of how much of our own money he has already sent our way. Finally he revealed his plan in this quote, “I continue to encourage lawmakers from both sides of the aisle to put aside partisan differences to implement effective legislation that will better regulate …” And there it is folks. Joe’s solution, more “legislation and regulation”. In short, more laws and more government bureaucrats to enforce those new laws. We who actually live here know the effects of this problem far greater than Joe. But, the difference lies in our solutions. Where we come together as families, churches and local civic organizations to reach out to those afflicted souls enslaved to addiction, Joe’s solution is more laws. Great Joe. Why didn’t we think of that? Federal laws have fixed all of our other issues so effectively! Every new law is an infringement upon our freedom. Take gun laws as an example. When gun laws requiring registration were enacted, the only people who were actually penalized of their freedom to buy and sell in the open market were the law-abiding citizens. Criminals don’t observe laws. This is why they are called criminals. They buy their guns from some guy behind a dumpster at the local convenience store. Criminals are never effected by the “legislation and regulation” model that Joe and his ilk tell us fix things. The new gun laws only further restricted the freedoms of the good people who were never the problem to begin with. This is the basic flaw in believing that more laws fix problems. They never do.

Professional politicians like Joe Manchin are either grossly deceived by the effectiveness of enacting more laws or they are outright narcissists who see America as a nation of inept buffoons. If Joe really wanted to serve, he would be standing up against the passage of more laws and regulations not heaping them higher. America needs leaders with the courage to enforce the laws we already have on the books. If a pharmacist is found guilty by jury trial of knowingly selling prescription drugs without a legitimate prescription, then take his license and lock him up; likewise with a doctor. Easily done if you have guts.

Personally, I believe Joe Manchin is just another pawn in the One World Government machine whose ultimate goal is a Collectivist State, governed by an elite few for the so-called common good of mankind. Joe thinks, speaks and acts not in accordance with the Constitution, which he swore to uphold, but in the best interest of his handlers. He is driven by personal ambition not service to his fellow man. We don’t need more laws or more government agencies Joe. We have had all the government “help” we can stand. What we need is for you, like your good friend Nick Joe Rahall, to come home.

Gary Lee Corns



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