The End of Time Two

Dear Editor,

I sent a copy of my last letter, “The End of Time”, to the White House, and I was surprised when I received a personal response from Barack Obama. His expressions of faith, religious tolerance, and the separation of church and state were reassuring, even though I had never for one moment believed the republicans’ accusation that our President is not a real Christian. Disparaging real Christians is consistent with the false doctrine that the Republican Party has planted in the Christian Church.

My understanding of the separation of church and state is that a violation would exist when the actions of one threatens the autonomy of the other. The Republican Party is promising to pass laws to punish certain sinners in exchange for the Christians support in taking political control of the state, notwithstanding that the intent to punish sinners instead of an intent to save sinners is itself a sin for real Christians. To their own detriment and being collectively drunk on visions of universal acceptance through the national platform of the Fox News Network, Christians are letting the Church be used by the Republican Party to take control of the state.

About two weeks ago, on Nov. 9, 2015, on The Rachael Maddow Show, I watched a news clip of a republican political rally that took place in a church-like setting with a church Pastor as the host and MC. The Pastor was ranting and raving about homosexuals and demanding that laws be passed to make being a homosexual a crime and make that crime punishable by the death penalty. Mike Huckabee and other republican Presidential candidates were present at this rally.

The Pastor justified his call for the death penalty by citing the Old Covenant book of Leviticus that says that homosexuality is worthy of death. That part of what the Pastor said is true. The Jews under the law of Moses had a duty to God to punish sinners, but Jesus fulfilled the law and replaced works of the law with grace. However, the Pastor tried to further just if his call for the death penalty by saying that even the New Covenant book of Romans says that homosexuality is worthy of death. Pretending that the phrase “worthy of death” means the same thing in the New Covenant as it does in the Old Covenant law of Moses is disingenuous, if not an intentional, outright lie.

If the woman brought to Jesus had committed a homosexual act instead of adultery, would Jesus have participated in the stoning? Apostle Paul proves that the answer is, no. Paul presents a list of sinners who are worthy of death, including the effeminate, but then concludes, “And such were some of you: but ye are washed, ye are sanctified, but ye are justified in the name of the Lord Jesus, and by the Spirit of our God” (1 Cor. 6:11). Christians who are under the New Covenant have a duty to Jesus to try to help sinners get saved, not punished, but those sinners who reject Jesus or refuse to obey His New Covenant will be punished by Jesus at the day of judgment (2 Pet. 2:9).

You may not agree with everything that Jesus teaches, but if you intend to do the opposite of what He teaches, you might as well leave His church. Unfortunately, the Republican Party will not voluntarily leave the Church because the Church has become such a valuable political tool. The most important thing that President Obama can do for God and country during the next year of his Presidency is to appoint a commission to deal with the violation of church and state by the Republican Party.

Punishing sinners is contrary to grace because it is a work of the law of Moses. If it turns out that there are no provisions in the separation of church and state that can stop the Republican Party from using the Church, maybe the President can facilitate a conference for Church leaders who are not republicans to deal with the false doctrine that convinces Christians to obey the law of Moses, just like the apostles and elders did in Acts 15:6, when they had to deal with the same false doctrine. At this time, even if all the right steps are taken to return the Church to Jesus, it won’t stop the day of judgment, but maybe it can postpone it until a more future time … if it’s not already too late.


Russell Marcum


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