Does Joe represent your values?

Joe Manchin has once again proven why he is unfit to represent West Virginia. He and Governor Tomblin recently brought Bill Clinton to Logan to campaign for Hillary Clinton, even after she openly declared that her economic plan would put a lot of coal miners and coal companies out of work. He is so deeply committed to the Democrat party that he will go to any length to protect and advance his own position within the party, regardless of the issue. It is rumored that he hopes to get a cabinet position in a Hillary Clinton administration if she wins; and that is how Joe works. Whatever is good for Joe always comes first.

Let’s review just a few of Joe’s positions as our Senator. Not that long ago, Obama gave him the task of getting new gun control legislation started. He went on the CBS television news show, Face the Nation (in full make up) and declared Washington DC should “use the weight of the government” to force more gun control laws upon the free citizens of the United States. What is worse, he attempted to bolster his pro-gun control position by pointing to West Virginians as being reasonable gun owners who support his beliefs. Joe also refused to stand up against Obama’s war on coal and instead supported him for reelection. He supported Obamacare. He supported Loretta Lynch as Obama’s Attorney General, the woman who enforces the EPA laws against West Virginia coal operations and is now trying to force us to install transgender rest rooms in all of our grade schools.

Simply put, Joe is and always has been a good lap dog for Barak Hussein Obama and his anti-American agenda. Joe likes to come home around election time and get photographed shooting a deer rifle or wearing a flannel shirt. But, when it comes time to support anything Obama or his cronies want, Joe is first in line to lick the hand of his masters in Washington DC. Even national publications have noted how Joe cleverly deceives the voters of West Virginia by portraying himself as a maverick, independent thinker who is looking out for the state. But, when it comes time to support Obama, Hillary or any of the insane liberal agenda, Joe will be the first in line to vote however Obama wants him to vote.

But his latest failure to stand up against Obama’s support of allowing grown men to go into little girl’s restrooms is beyond belief. On what planet does it make sense to allow men to decide for themselves which gender they identify with and thereby have access to those restroom facilities? If Traitor Joe and Obama have their way, every child pervert in the nation will have easy, convenient access to our children and will have no fear of arrest or even harassment from the police.

So I ask you West Virginia. Does Joe represent your values? Do you believe he has fought to keep us free from Federal Government interference in our lives and businesses? Or is Joe just another typical Washington DC politician whose greatest ambition is reelection? I don’t know about you, but I judge people by their actions, not their words; and Joe’s actions are speaking very loudly to me. He truly is “Traitor Joe”.

Gary Lee Corns



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