Gun control


Once again Senator Joe Manchin is back on television and the radio airwaves seeking more gun control laws in the wake of the mass shootings by the Orlando radical Islamic terrorist. And once again he is wrong. Will Democrats ever come to the realization that laws don’t change evil people? You can write all the laws you want, but laws only impact the law abiding. Evil people, seeking to do evil, don’t obey laws! The answer to evil is to destroy it, not to write laws restricting law abiding citizens from protecting themselves.

Of course Joe is only parroting the message of his hero and mentor, Barak Obama. The President has been relentless in his attempt to blame the Orlando shooting on Christians and NRA members, even though the killer openly declared that he was motivated by the tenants of his Islamic faith. In Obama’s world, the words of a murderous Islamic terrorist aren’t true and should not be considered. In Obama and Manchin’s world, the real evil that must be defeated are the religious right, the NRA, Donald Trump and the Republican Party. To them, we are more to be feared.

Here is something to consider. If these cowards who call themselves Islamic jihadists are not actually following the tenants of Islam, then why do Obama, Manchin and the Democrats demand that we treat them as Muslim when they are captured? Have you ever seen film of the Guantanamo prisoners? They are given special Islamic clothing. They are provided prayer mats. They are given special food that meets with Islamic laws. They are given the Koran to read. So, if, as Mr. Obama declares, these people are not “real” Muslims and should not be seen as representative of the Islamic beliefs, then why do the Democrats treat them as Muslim?

You will recall that when we killed Osama Bin Laden, the decision was made to bury him at sea. Why? Supposedly, it was to be respectful of Islamic law which requires a burial within twenty-four hours of death. So again I ask, why should Islamic law be honored if Bin Laden was not really a Muslim, but was actually a radical extremist who did not represent the peaceful religion of Islam?

It is real simple folks. If a few people in that bar in Orlando were carrying firearms, it is far less likely that so many would have been killed. Furthermore, if the FBI had been allowed to follow this man in the same way they tail other would be criminals, he might have been stopped. But, according to the former FBI director of New York City, there are standing orders from the White House that Muslims are not to be investigated with the same rigor and intensity as other potential criminals. In other words, Obama doesn’t want the FBI to do its job when it comes to potential radical Islamic terrorists because he apparently wants to protect the Muslim religion from being seen as a cause for these kinds of actions.

Donald Trump restated his position that we must temporarily stop the immigration of people from that region of the world until we can figure out how to better vet them to assure they are not and will not become a potential threat to our country. Since Obama became President, we have accepted over a million Muslims into our nation. Furthermore, since Obama has been President we have had at least one terrorist attack on our nation every year he has been in office. Something is clearly wrong with our current policy and I, for one, do not agree with Manchin and Obama that the answer is to take away more gun rights from law abiding Christian Americans!

Gary Lee Corns


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