A year of prayer for W.Va.


I believe that prayer makes a difference. It appears that we are trying everything in West Virginia to solve our problems, but have we ever thought about trying systematic, sustained prayer for West Virginia for one year?

June 20, 2016 is the 153 anniversary of West Virginia Statehood. I would like to suggest that all houses of religious worship, concerned entities, and all West Virginians begin one year of continuous, systematic and sustained prayer for West Virginia’s future.

Being grateful for the blessings one receives is an important aspect of prayer. As this year

of prayer unfolds, I am confident that we will notice many blessings will happen. On June

20, 2017 West Virginia Day, we will then be able to celebrate and be thankful for a West

Virginia that is beginning to heal itself to become the state we know we can be.

Bob Harrison, Ph.D.



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