Legalized same sex marriage


Did the recent Supreme Court decision to legalize same-sex marriage surprise anyone? To me, it seemed “par for the course” as far as America is concerned. Murder (abortion) was legalized in 1973. We overlook lying, stealing, adultery on most levels, especially in “high places.” The aforementioned are just as wrong as homosexuality but, for now, more accepted. So called Christians are up in arms over the court’s vote. I’ve always wondered if preachers spoke to their congregations about adultery or fornication, would two-thirds of the crowd get up and leave? Wrong is wrong.

I expect more weather disasters, more horrific crimes, earthquakes, terrorists attacks in the United States with the opening of this “can of worms.” Prophecy isn’t my expertise; I’m just going by what the Bible contains. God’s people learn slowly and history repeats.

This isn’t a “hate letter” toward any particular group. Hopefully I still have the freedom to express thoughts, for now anyway. Quickly, freedoms are fading. We are blessed if we are not offended by God’s word. Personally, I am fed up with being referred to as a right-winged conservative as if that is a bad thing. What ever happened to morality? Why don’t we call sin “sin” instead of a syndrome, an affliction, an illness? Many of our afflictions are sin’s result.

Just because the “High Court” okayed gay marriage and abortion doesn’t mean that the judge of an even higher court did. He will have the last word.

God’s people have remained silent and scared for too long. I admit that when one stands for God, they become a target and the media preys on them. You are unaccepted and politically incorrect. I pray to remain strong and to not kowtow to lies even if it means losing this physical body. With God, I have eternity. He needs no defense from me, but He asked us to witness. I tire of watching “truth trampled in the street” as the prophet Isaiah wrote.

I’ll close with this reminder from the Old Testament — “the religious leaders and the people grew more unfaithful following all the abominable customs of other nations. Frequently, the Lord sent word to them through His prophets because He had compassion on His people, but they ridiculed God’s messages, treated His word with contempt, scoffing at His prophets until His anger rose up against the people. Then, there was no remedy.”

It is not in mankind to direct His steps. We deserve God’s blessings but want nothing to do with His direction in which lies “the remedy.”


Sharon L. Hill


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