Fusion end CYSL season undefeated

The Chaos team of the Coalfield Youth Soccer League.

The Coalfield Youth Soccer League’s Kryptonite and Fusion teams pose for a group photo.

The Predators of the Coalfield Youth Soccer League.

The White Lightning team poses for a photo.

CHAPMANVILLE — The Coalfield Youth Soccer League concluded their spring season last Saturday at the Mullins Soccer Complex in Chapmanville and one of the highlights was the 17-and-under Fusion team’s finish.

The Fusion closed out the 2015 CYSL spring season with an 8-2 win over the Kryptonite.

The win finished off an unbeaten season for the Fusion.

Hunter Napier scored five goals for the Fusion in the season finale. Stephen Clemons netted two, and Maddie Chambers scored one. Dillon Renniger and Savannah Toney scored for Kryptonite.

The U17 Phoenix defeated Fury 10-4 in another match. Wesley Macnamara, Whitney Evans and Kaylee Vernatter scored two each for the Phoenix. Hunter Alfrey, Paul Vinson, Eric Crum and Hannah Runyon scored one each. Cameron Gillikin scored two for the Fury. Kaylee Canterbury and Desiree Wise scored one each.

The U12 Vikings defeated the Vipers 9-7. Riley Reed and Andrew McCarty scored three each for the Vikings. Allie Burton netted two. An own goal was also counted. Kassidy Toth led the Vipers with five goals. Angel Conley and Bryson Adkins netted one each.

The U12 Toxic Shock beat Infinity 17-1. Austin Ball and Jordan Adams netted four each for the Toxic Shock. Jaxon Tipton and Ethan Spence scored three each. Jason Evans, Matthew Glandon and Diezel Cook scored one each. Cayce Rayburn scored for Infinity.

The U12 Predators beat the White Lightning 9-2. Kip Justice and Peyton Adams scored three each for the Predators. Jayde Kuenzel, Megan Ward and Xavier Trump scored one each. Payton Hoffman and Peyton Thompson scored for White Lightning.

The U9 Chaos defeated the Snake Kings 15-0. Kendan Trent scored eight goals for Chaos followed by Westin Atkins with six. William also scored.

The U9 Aztec Warriors beat the Hot Shots 2-1. Sebastian Carrillo and Baylie Crum scored for the Aztec Warriors. Donna Robinson reached the nets once for the Hot Shots.

The U9 Masters of Disaster beat the Neon Avengers 2-1 in a close match. Hunter Baker scored for M.O.D. An own goal was also counted. Gavin Noe scored for the Neon Avengers.

The U9 Coal Diggers defeated the Aztec Warriors 7-6. Damon Moore led the Coal Diggers with three goals. Tyler Oney netted two. Garrett Dean and Trinity Trump also scored. Sebastian Crrillo scored three for the Aztec Warriors. Baylie Crum netted two and Landon Bourne scored one.

The U9 Grape Apes beat the Stingers 6-1. Brionna Crawford netted four for the Grape Apes. Chelcei Burgess scored two. Ryllie Goble scored for the Stingers.

* Back on June 8 and June 11, Week 7 matches were played.

The 17 Fusion defeated Phoenix 9-2. Hunter Napier led Fusion with a hat trick. Zach Lamb, Cameron Adkins, Stephen Clemons, Mitchell Bryant, Hailey Chewning and Kortni Packo scored one each. Paul Vinson scored both goals for the Phoenix.

The U17 Kryptonite beat the Fury 8-1. Dillon Renniger and Savannah Toney scored three each for Kryptonite. Stephen Barker and Ryan Belcher netted one each. Ashley Matney scored for the Fury.

The U12 Predators defeated Toxic Shock 8-1. Peyton Adams led the Predators with four goals. Jayde Kuenzel scored two. Xavier Trump and John Justice netted one each. Jordan Adams scored for Toxic Shock.

The U12 White Lightning defeated the Vipers 15-2. Jamari Turner led White Lightning with four goal. Anthony Page and Payton Hoffman scored three each. Peyton Thompson netted two. Madison Hoffman and Kenzie Scott scored one each. An own goal was also counted. Bryson Adkins and Kassidy Toth scored for the Vipers.

The U12 Vikings defeated Infinity 9-1. Andrew McCarty and Riley Reed netted three each for the Vikings. Allie Burton scored two and Kailey Grimet scored one. Clay Patterson scored the only goal for Infinity.

The U9 Hot Shots beat the Stingers 2-1. Tanner Clay scored both goals for the Hot Shots. An own goal was counted for the Stingers.

The U9 Chaos downed the Neon Avengers 7-1. Kendan Trent scored four for Chaos and Westin Atkins netted a hat trick. Gavin Noe scored for the Neon Avengers.

The U9 Neon Avengers beat the Coal Diggers 4-1. Gavin Noe scored all four goals for the Avengers. Damon Moore scored for the Coal Diggers.

The U9 Chaos beat the Grape Apes 19-2. Westin Atkins led the Chaos with 10 goals. Kendan Trent scored seven. Brayden Bishop netted one. An own goal was also counted.

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