Cheeriffic sweeps in Tennessee

By Paul Adkins - [email protected]

The Cheeriffic Youth 2 team captured first place recently in a competition in Tennessee.

The Cheeriffic All-Star cheerleaders of Logan made it a Rocky Top sweep last weekend.

All three Cheeriffic teams took first place in the America’s Best Two-Day Championships, which were held at the Gatlinburg Convention Center in Gatlinburg, Tenn., at the foothills of the Great Smoky Mountains National Park.

The Cheeriffic Tiny 1 All-Stars, the defending overall national champions, took first place out of three teams.

The Youth 2 team of Cheeriffic was first place out of six teams in its division.

The Junior 3 squad then made it a sweep by taking first place out of its eight-team class.

The weekend was even better for Cheeriffic as the Tiny and Youth teams were both named Grand Champions in their division and both received Gold Paid Bids to the upcoming US Finals in 2016.

The Cheeriffic Tiny team was also honored as the team with the best stunts. The youth team received the Best Tumbling Award. The Junior squad of Cheeriffic was in second place after Day 1 but rallied to win the title after the second day.

Cheeriffic’s Tiny squad won by a wide margin — over nine points — as the team finished with an even 95 points. In a distant second place were the CheerVille Athletics Angelicas of Bowling Green, Ky., with an 86.89. In third place were the Clarksville Extreme Kitty Kats of Clarksville, Tenn.

The Cheeriffic Youth 2 team won with a 93.5, winning by a wide margin over the Valley Xtreme Ambition of Louisville, Ky., which was second place with an 88.7. The Logan team also defeated teams from Georgia, Tennessee and Kentucky.

The Youth level was divided into an A and B division for a total of 13 teams. Cheeriffic had the highest score of them all.

Cheeriffic Junior 3 team scored a 90.50 to take first place. Second was the Force Elite All-Stars Heat of Snellville, Ga., with an 89.3. The Georgia team led Cheeriffic by 0.8 points after Day 1 but Cheeriffic outscored the Snellville team by 3.2 points on Day 2.

Cheeriffic coach Heather Bryant said she was pleased with her team’s performance.

“When I reflect back on the competition in Gatlinburg, I am just in awe of how acceptive the judges and crowd were to our amazing athletes,” she said. “Every corner we turned that weekend, there was someone there complimenting our teams. It was an awesome weekend to be a Cheeriffic girl.”

Bryant said she was glad to see the Junior team rally back from second place.

“New this year, paid US Final bid winners receive gold banners and Cheeriffic captured two of them,” she said. “Our girls had their eye on the prize and wowed the entire arena with their show stopping performances. It’s a lot of hard work and dedication. But always in the end, it pays off. Our Junior 3 team is a prime example. They were in second place after day one but through their drive and dedication, they came out victorious by out scoring day one’s first place team by almost three points on day two. And most of all, we give our glory to God who gives us the strength and courage to achieve these goals. We thank God for His favor and blessings on our program.”

Cheeriffic’s other coach, Brittney Hartman, said teamwork won the day in Tennessee.

“I am ecstatic with the teamwork our teams showed while in Tennessee. They were so encouraging and motivating to each other,” she said. “Just with their team attitude, they showed me that they were already champions that weekend. Of course, coming home with three teams all being crowned champions was the icing on the cake. And two being awarded grand champions plus gold paid bids to the US Finals is a dream come true. I couldn’t ask for a better weekend of competition. Every girl made me so proud to coach them this weekend. They continue to surprise and amaze me with each and every competition.”

Hartman said Cheeriffic’s hard work is already paying off even so early in the season.

“When looking over score sheets, it reassured us as coaches that all the long hours and extra practices are all worth it,” she said. “One of the judge’s comments stated that they have never seen a Tinys team this great before. Our Youth 2 team was phenomenal both days — their best performances yet. And our Junior 3 team had a huge comeback from day one on second to day two being crowned champions. We were blessed greatly with the Lord’s favor and we are so very thankful for it. We strive to instill in our girls ‘I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me.’ Because without God none of our teams accomplishments would be possible.”

Cheeriffic is scheduled to get back into competitions with the Super Nationals, set for Jan. 16-17 at Indianapolis.

The event is known as “The Super Bowl of Cheerleading.”

The Cheeriffic Youth 2 team captured first place recently in a competition in Tennessee. Cheeriffic Youth 2 team captured first place recently in a competition in Tennessee.

By Paul Adkins

[email protected]


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