Logan High School soccer team set to open season

By Paul Adkins - [email protected]

The Logan High School soccer team is excited to get its first ever season under way.

Logan was scheduled to open the regular season on Saturday at Nitro.

The Wildcats, which are fielding a co-ed team, took part last Saturday in Chapmanville Regional High School’s preseason Soccer Rama.

“It’s time to start playing some soccer,” Logan coach Jay Trump said. “After playing in the Soccer Rama we were able to get our feet under ourselves. The first game was the first time we as a team walked on the field, but by the time the third game we settled down some.”

Trump said so far things have looked real well for his team as the season is set to kick off.

“We have several leaders on the team that are willing to take that extra step for us to do well,” he said. “Most of the players are willing to play where ever is needed or if we see that we need help in defense we have players that can handle it. With what I thought was going to be the goalie, Walt Macnamara, we moved him out and put him with Dino Noe and Joey Vinson into defense.”

It was the wall Trump wants to build that there is no passage unless granted.

Others have also stepped up into the spotlight, Trump said.

“Whitney Evans is a player that will hold her own against any player and that is a good thing because we are a co-ed team having to play against boys’ teams,” he said. “Up front we have Walker Jeffery with Cameron Adkins and Wesley Macnamara. Hunter Alfrey is a player to watch for. He knows how to clear the ball to the open line. We have a player that had twisted his knee but has been on light practices that didn’t get to see any playing time but he will with the opener. Stephen Clemens is one of the players that will play anywhere you ask him to and go 100 percent.”

Trump said his reserves are also important to the success of the program.

“We have a deep bench with talent going all the way, starting with Eric Crum who has a foot on him that helps clear the ball up field,” he said. “Michael Honeycutt is a first-time player but he’s got a nose for the game. Isaiah Jordan is another player on defense that knows how to break up a play.”

Trump said his seniors have also proven their worth.

“We are ready for the start of the season, from Kyle Browning which has great touches on the ball to Austin Thompson and Kyle Fleming who are seniors this year,” Trump said. “This will be their first and last year of play and they are giving us everything. I feel like we will have a great year in soccer, even if we only win a few games we have to remember we are the first ever Wildcats to play soccer. That itself is a mile marker. We are putting the history behind us and we are kicking to the future. I have to say that being the first coach of this milestone that the school and the parents have made me feel very welcome. And for (Brian) Atkinson (LHS Athletics Director) that has helped us get started on the right foot.”

Trump said the local Rec League has also been a big help.

“I’m glad we have our local rec league (Coalfield) here if we didn’t we wouldn’t have nothing to help build the programs around this area,” he said. “The players wouldn’t have the basics of soccer and this would make it a lot harder on the coaches. At least with the players that have come up they have some understanding of the sport. And with our rec players getting to use the turf fields for the last couple of seasons they are staying keeping the playing field spread apart.”


By Paul Adkins

[email protected]

(Paul Adkins is the Sports Editor of the Logan Banner. He can be reached by email at [email protected] or on Twitter @PAdkinsBanner).

(Paul Adkins is the Sports Editor of the Logan Banner. He can be reached by email at [email protected] or on Twitter @PAdkinsBanner).


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